Letter To Headmaster Essay

I am writing to complain about the fact that students from my son’s school, Cardif Highschool are often left unattended. Although your school is one of the best in the entire country, as a parent I feel that my child isn’t treated good enough and not supervised enough. Therefore ,neither me nor my wife thought that maybe we should change the place where our kid learns. Furthermore when I bring my son to school I can see the brutality of those who are in a greater grade they are like animals left out of cages, they destroy almost everything and also bully the small and powerless children.

Since there is no adult responsible for their behavior I am loocking forward to sue your school . Might I suggest that as a headmaster of one of the bst school in the country you have the responsibility to assure us as parents that our kids will be fine and nothing bad is going to happen to them .

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Letter To Headmaster Essay
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I realize that being a principal is no easy job and is also very demanding I therefore feels that the standards in your school should be higher. I recommend thus, that you give this matter your urgent attention. Regarding the fact that you often leave children unattended I want to be ensured that situations like this will not happen again in the future an if they do I will do my best to make sure that this school will have a proppeer surveillance system. I hope that you will look into this kind of problem as a matter of urgency, and that the protection offerd by you and your school will improve.

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