Legal Fiscal, Business and Medical Practices

Jennifer is enrolled in the HIT program at her local college. She also works full-time in a physician’s office. She enjoys working in the office – the patients are wonderful (often bringing her baked goods), the office staff is great to work with (they frequently go out on Friday nights after work) and the location is convenient to her home. On the other hand, the physician and the billing manager are not very friendly and often speak in hushed voices behind closed doors.

Jennifer has heard the nurses grumble about unnecessary testing. She has also heard patients complain to the office manager about incorrect billing. Jennifer is aware that most of the patients have XYZ Insurance.

Jennifer is starting to suspect that this office may not be acting in a manner consistent with generally accepted fiscal, business or medical practices.

In this scenario, you are Jennifer. What are your options and what will you do?

APA format. Questions Attached Below!

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