Laws and Cases of The Progressive Era affect What Happens Today

Labelling Theory would posit that crime is a product of increased legislation more than inherent criminal tendencies. In criminal justice history, it might be argued that custom has remained more influential than law.

For this Discussion, select one of the following laws or cases from the Progressive Era that is interesting to you: White Slave Traffic Act, the Sullivan Law, the Drug Laws, the Eugenics Movement, the Red Scare, or Weeks v. United States. Then, consider the impact this law or case might have had on the current U.S. criminal justice system. Explain how this impact may have an influence on your role in the U.S. criminal justice system.

Assignment: How did the laws and cases of the Progressive Era affect what happens today?

Provide one example. Using one of the laws or cases provided, explain any parallels of this to current laws or cases.

What might be the lasting effects on today’s U.S. criminal justice system?

Laws and Cases of The Progressive Era affect What Happens Today 1

How does having this information as a leader in criminal justice influence your role?

Offer two alternative effects of these laws or cases

– Must have a turn it in report

– Must be PhD level

– There is no word limit

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