Laptops in School Essay

Power on the new paper of the future. Students should be able to have a laptop for schoolwork instead of carrying a binder and using paper for everything they are assigned to do. First of all, homework would be more fun to do on a laptop. Students would be able to put more detail into their work as well as show their personality because of all the features and applications within a computer. Paper assignments on worksheets and bookwork don’t provide this opportunity.

This would be fun as students would to be able to create, answer questions, and study if students had the access a computer brings. Secondly, students will find that turning in homework on time is easier with a laptop than traditional paper assignments. A college student said,” Using laptops will help students with their grades. ” Once a student completes the assignment, he or she can simply email it to the teacher. Students will not have the excuse of losing the assignment, forgetting it or having a dog eat the homework.

Using paper means cutting down trees. Laptops should be a student’s friend. Statistics prove a third point. Statistics show that using laptops in school increases students’ grades. Going more in depth in assignments is what students will do if they have laptops. Also, students have a better chance of turning in their work and therefore grades will improve. Teachers and parents continue to complain that grades drop because students are lazy and don’t remember to turn in homework when it is due.

Statistics also show that today’s teens are so involved in every aspect of technology, they would embrace the opportunity to simply use their skills with computers and homework. A student at Brigham Young University who uses his laptop daily, said, “ Laptops are required in college. When using laptops, assignments can be graded quickly because of automated grading done by the computer. Turning in homework through a computer would allow quicker feedback to students. The quick feedback would allow a teacher to see what students are struggling with. Plus, a laptop is better than using paper.

Paper is a waste of trees. ” About 144,000 trees get cut down each day. Cutting down trees is what is done to get paper. The less trees we have, the less oxygen we have. Finally, laptops will reduce that cutting down of trees in the future predicting a longer life for the earth. In college it is required for students to have laptops. So why not start using laptops now? Most of the work we do in middle school and high school is for college and life after college. The laptop will become a student’s best friend, mentor, helper, and environment saver.

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