Lands’ End Case Study Essay

1. A) Lands’ End’s buying center most likely consists of Assurance Personnel and upper management because Lands’ End selects long term suppliers that will likely ha a significant effect on the future of the business and that decision can’t be left to inexperience members or members without authority or power in the company.

B) Users would most likely be the package handling department since the products are simply bought and resold by Lands’ End and not actually used to produce.

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Lands’ End Case Study Essay
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Influencers would most likely be the agents that search for the fabrics and materials to buy. Buyers would likely be management teams as they need to form long term contracts that would require someone of authority in the company. Deciders would most likely be the upper management that has the actual authority in the company to sign long term contracts. Gatekeeprs would most likely be the assurance personnel mentioned in the reading that they go to suppliers to gather the information.

2. A) Lands’ End does not need to go to problem recognition because they are constantly searching for new and better suppliers. Thus they would skip to Information search in which they scout the best possible suppliers around the world that are likely to produce high quality items or materials. Next they would use Alternative evaluation to see if there is a company that gives the same product at either a higher quality or better price. The purchasing decision would be made by the managers that handle new contracts. Then finally they would use Postpurchase behavior to consider the contracts they have made and consider their value and change them if need be.

B) Price may not be necessary as the purchasers are customers of Lands’ End and they would decide if the item is a fair price. Ability to meet quality specifications would be very important as Lands’ End claims that they seek the highest quality items to sell. Ability to meet required delivery schedules is also very important as they need a guarantee that the items they will be selling will get to their customers in a timely matter. Technical capability is also important as Lands’ End is attempting to keep up with the technological advances in the future so they are not left behind. Warranties are necessary as Lands’ End claims they will return any item no matter what. Past performance on previous contracts is necessary as they buy by contracts and have long term suppliers.

3. New Buy- Lands’ End does not face new buy regularly as they generally focus and reselling, however a new buy for Lands’ End may be buying new delivery trucks from a truck building company. Or they may need storage thus they buy land and construct storage facilities on it. Straight Rebuy- This is the most common case in Lands’ End as they rebuy as they may just be buying more of an item from an existing supplier for items that are sold regularly such as materials and fabrics or duffle bags and such that they need to have in stock to continue selling. Modified rebuy- in this case, Lands’ End upper management would be involved in buying new contracts with suppliers.

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