laboratory report : analysing of exercises were prescribed by 7 students for patient with akle stiffness

In this module, 7 students were asked to treat a case study with ankle stiffness due to fracture. The case study is illustrated in the files that will be uploaded. The students were asked to give two types of exercises for this case study. The students were asked to sign a consent form before the treatment and they were given a paper to write their choices of exercises and home advices for this patient. After that, each patient was asked to treat that case in the laboratory and video record was taken for each student.

The idea of assessment: I should do laboratory report through analyzing their choices of exercises for this case through their papers. This report should include: Introduction, method, results, study limitation, Discussion, references and appendices.

Introduction: represent 35% of marks, I should write a background about ankle stiffness after fracture then I Should present results of previous studies about the suitable exercises for this case. These studies could be systematic previous or clinical trials. After that, we should explain the aim of this report.
Method: I should explain the method of the experiment: 7 postgraduate students in physiotherapy…….etc this section will be similar to the previous work example that will be uploaded but we need paraphrasing with changing the case because the previous work about falling in elderly.

Results: We should discuss the student’s choices of exercises with comparison between their choices. We should provide statistical test and the table or the graph should be in the appendices. This section depends on the papers of students assessment for this case (this papers will be uploaded). We should provide table or graph represents these results in appendices.

Study limitations: This will be similar to the example that will be uploaded but it needs paraphrasing to prevent plagiarism.
Discussion: Represents 35% of marks. We should. We should discuss the student’s choices of exercises in their paper with different articles, and evaluate what I read and what students said.

Conclusion: Brief summary of findings of the experiment.

Appendices: this will include a table or graph represents the results.

However, I will plead an example for previous work but for different case. In this example, the idea of assessment will be clear for you.

I will upload the 7 papers of the students who did this experiment. From these papers, you will know their choices of exercise for this case. The details of case study are included in these papers.

The uploaded files will be 1) the 7 papers of students that represent their chicest of exercises.

2) Different images for previous work for this module but for different case study. We should follow the same structure
3) information about the module assessment and some references


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