Kinnaird College is one of the most prestigious institutions known Essay

Kinnaird College is one of the most prestigious institutions known for providing quality education and well-planned guidelines. It is a public college established in 1913. It provides professional education from intermediate to post graduate students.


To provide a high quality education Kinnaird aims to:

• Exercise technical expertise developed through rigorous foundational work and an emphasis on problem solving in learning communities

• Appreciate and employ different kinds of knowledge and expressive sophistication as the basis of critical analysis and self-examination

• Serve society by addressing the complex problems of the world, creatively, humanely and passionately

• Flourish in a multi-cultural community and global environment

• Help students’ lead meaningful lives.

• Provide comprehensive knowledge to students in the various fields we offer.

• Provide confidence to students to be able to survive in the competitive job market.


Kinnaird works hard to ensure that we do not compromise over quality. We are proud to hold accomplished and knowledgeable faculty members, as well as cooperative staff members. We work endlessly in curriculum development and planning of co-curricular activities to ensure the happiness of students and parental satisfaction.

Kinnaird College has left its mark on others. It’s a very well- reputed college. It has a very large building with magnificent architecture and state of the art facilities. It has maintained a high merit for admission. Kinnaird is a result oriented institution which has maintained its result for more than thirty years; moreover there is a website of Kinnaird for the candidate which is updated regularly. It’s also have student portal which keep people aware their schedule moreover Kinnaird is a girls college and it does not allow uniform, girl wear colorful dresses which make it more enjoyable specially for girls who like to dress, Making education in Kinnaird a unique experience.

Quality of Sales

Kinnaird gets more than sixty thousand applications every year and sorts out just three thousand admissions. Their admissions are based on merit base and it offers scholarship to the students who get 90 percent marks and also gives fee concession to those students whose sibling have studied before and also there are special fee concession for the minorities. Moreover Kinnaird also offers talent based and sports based scholarships as well making a good quality education to most children. Kinnaird is one of the most sought after universities in Pakistan.

Drive in Sale:

Kinnaird College for women Lahore is the fast university of the Asia and Kinnaird doing its special effort to convince the audience or gave a special service to the students for the admission. For example by increasing advertising. Their main sales drive is through a growing sales network of specialist outdoor sports shops. It is also include university reputation notable or services features .The program of KC has been developed in consultation with employers and business professionals, and is routinely updated to ensure that students have the skills needed for successfully pursuing careers in sales and marketing.


Now a days there are so many competitors in the society. To enhance their college or university activities to get more admission they gave more facilities to the students because there are too much universities that have much greater level of studies for students. As compare to FCCU, Kinnaird have strong education level and gave more facilities to their student because it is a women institution, on the other hand FCCU is a co-educational department for students where male and female study to gather and FCCU provide good benefit for students or give more opportunities and interdicted more programmed by giving profit on it. FCCU has an impressive and well maintained campus with all the facilities needed to create an environment that is truly academic conductive to purpose full learning.


The research always based on different tools and figures like age, gender.

There are two kinds of research:

1: Demographic

2: Psychographic

Demographic research:

The term demographic refers to particular characteristics population of the society. The term demographic includes more information and provides data regarding the research .In the demographic research the parents of the students they have make their mind for their child rather he or she study in co-education institution they have open mind. They just want that their children get good knowledge of education and competitor the other one from their knowledge.

Psychographic research:

Most the people suggest their child to get education in separated educational institution because they don’t like co-education. For their girls, most of the parents like Kinnaird College because it’s a women college as compare to FCCU or other co-educational institution.

Engage with Audiences

As you would have seen actress and actresses doing promotions. Going to different places, shows and event’s to engage more audience to promote their upcoming film, drama. Every production has special savings for these type of promotion events. As well as Kinnaird is also concerned about engaging audiences. So Kinnaird organize different events, concerts, qawali nights etc. Kinnaird is basically known for these things. The people outside the Kinnaird are more looking forward to these kind of events then kc-ites. It’s a major way of engaging audiences and kind of attracting more audience towards Kinnaird. Only women’s institution already make it more reliable and convenient for parents. Theirs KBW in which competitions are also held between different institutions.


As Kinnaird college is the first who opens admission among every other institution. Kinnaird organize events specifically in November, December and in December bachelors’ admissions are again opened for the ones who still want to get into Kinnaird. Another golden opportunity for only girl’s. As it’s only girl’s institution to its open maximum till 4 not more than that. As you see movies specially coming on Eid times to get more audience. Kinnaird has girl’s special targeted audience.

Room for Improvement

Everyone does not know how to operate the website so awareness about the institution should be spread throughout the country by putting banners in other cities e.g. Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, Gujrat etc. The facility of hostel is also available for such students so the parents won’t have to worry about the demographic conditions but the facility of AC should also be available in the hostels.

The intermediate section of KC does not have a uniform so differentiating the students is difficult as compared to Lahore College students because they can be differentiated in a crowd or any event due to their uniform.

Another drawback is that the gate remains closed up till 12:30 so the bachelors’ students who get free by 9:30 or 11 o’clock have to wait till 12:30 for the gate to open as inter students get off at that time. This is a major problem for under-grad students who have to go home and study or take care of their children if they’re married or go for part-time jobs. This needs to be taken under consideration. This issue can be solved if a uniform is designed for inter students because it will be easy for the gate keepers to recognize the college students and the university students so they won’t let inter students leave before 12:30 and let bachelors’ leave. Our competitors FCCU do not have any such rule that students cannot leave before a specific time so in order to compete them KCWU should also bring a change in its policy of timings.

The timings for taking admission in KC either inter or under/post graduate is very short. It has happened with some students that when they got their result and wished to get admission in Kinnaird they found that the admissions have already been closed. However, other universities have a longer duration for getting admissions but this is not the case with KCWU. Another issue with the timings is that students have to come to the university in such a hot weather in Ramadan. It is difficult for both the students and the teachers because there are only a limited number of air-conditioned classes. Mostly the AC is only switched on for post-graduates and not for under graduates. However this year some new ACs have been fitted which are also under the use of under-grad students.

The quality standards of Kinnaird have decreased a little. However, taking admission in inter is quite difficult- merit based- but this year the result of intermediate students was not up to the mark because once they enter this prestigious institute they do not focus on studies as much as it is required because there is no check and balance on their attendance; students don’t attend classes which effects their academic result.

Universities are meant to be co-education so that students learn to work and interact with the opposite gender. This makes it easy for them to cope up in their professional life as it is necessary to interact with the opposite gender in jobs. And students will learn how to treat the opposite gender which will help them in their married life as well. But Kinnaird does not follow this decorum because the management is in favor of an all-girls institute. If KCWU follows the rule of co-education system then the psyche of parents will also change and they will understand the importance of co-ed if the management conducts a seminar for parents telling them its importance in today’s world.


Response which comes in the form of academic results of both college and university students. Another feedback may come through the increasing size of batches getting admitted in Kinnaird every year, every semester. Siblings of former or present kc-ite students coming in the institute at college or university level are also a form of positive feedback. KC is involved in various co-curricular activities so the kc-ites who take part in such activities are a source of pride for the institution.

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