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The film deals with life about a boy named Alexander, is a boy who does not lack anything at the economic level, but as he did not find happiness that way he leaves everything at the end of the university. He does not take money, only his old car and so he embarks on an adventurous journey without a particular destination.

. Only that I have always been interested in certain common biographical elements -practical and psychological- that I have been able to verify in different individuals and that, apparently, powerfully condition their actions or behaviors.

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juuyj Essay
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Obviously, they are not elements that I invent;

Can a biography be truly impartial? Is it towards wild routes?

The biography can never be completely impartial. Even if the author could include every moment of the life of the protagonist, rather than choosing which ones are most important, their method of presentation and diction inherently affect how the reader will feel about the character. There is anyway a scale that goes from more to less impartial, and Towards Wild Routes is located in the least impartial, as admits its own author.

For example, as he finds many similarities between Chris and himself, he makes certain assumptions about Chris’ motivations and desires that he would not otherwise do. However, because Krakauer makes this explicit, and does not try to deceive the reader, he still has the freedom to make his own interpretation.

In the representation that Krakauer does of McCandless, is it a flat or round character? Static or dynamic?

In the representation of Krakauer, McCandless is certainly a round character. Although he presents himself as a good person, he sheds light on his faults, and even his best qualities sometimes fail him. Krakauer also believes that McCandles has changed during his trip to Alaska, that perhaps he has matured and is ready to rejoin society and even, perhaps, his family, although all this is based on a few lines that Chris writes and in some passages that you have stressed in your readings.

Explain how McCandless’s quest for “maximum freedom” is inherently selfish.

McCandless’s quest for “maximum freedom” is not based on selfishness; it comes out of noble desires in fact. However, it is still inherently selfish because it means acting for the individual over society, which is designed to protect everyone. Maximum freedom means not being responsible to anyone other than oneself and, therefore, even when McCandless generally tried to act for the greater good, he only had his own limited perspective on what really led to that greater good.

What effect does the presence of Krakauer as an author have on the McCandless story?

Krakauer’s own education and experiences as a young man emerge in Towards wild routes . As there are so many similarities with McCandless, the biggest difference being that Krakauer survived his odyssey and can then tell his story, the author uses his own past to provide information about the actions and motivations of McCandless. This also leads Krakauer, probably, to present McCandless in the most lenient way possible.

What are, according to Wild Routes, the central problems between McCandless and his father?

Both Chris and Walt McCandless are self-reliant and independent, and Chris’s resistance to all authority means that he resents what his father has about him, even when he tries to please him. Chris specifically detests arbitrary authority, and once he has proof that his father is not perfect, then he considers Walt’s authority over him completely arbitrary, and resists it completely. Because of Chris’s intensity and his tendency to extremes, this becomes much more than a typical teenage rebellion.


What specific attractiveness does the wild land have for all the adventure seekers described in Towards wild routes ?

The seekers of adventures in Towards wild paths seem to seek a life with a kind of brute simplicity, which they believe they can find in the wild land. High-risk life leaves little time for the complicated problems of modern society, and this seems to be a great attraction for these men. They also seem to believe that there is a core of truth hidden under all layers of modern life, and this can only be found in nature. Finally, surviving the challenges posed by this way of life provides a sense of profound achievement for these men, often ambitious or competitive.


In what sense is McCandless’ difficulty in forgiving a driving force in his travels?

McCandless, although largely driven by his principles and morals to live an uprooted and anti-materialist existence, also seems driven, at least partially, by the desire to punish his parents. He is upset by his pressure to go to law school, because of his materialism, and because of what he sees as his attempts to control him, so he tells Carine that he will completely exclude them from his life, since he can not forgive them. By not contacting them at all while on the road, he turns his odyssey into a tool for punishment, at least on some level.


How can McCandless’s Datsun car symbolize his interpersonal relationships?

McCandless is completely committed to his Datsun from the time he buys it until he graduates from college, when he feels deeply offended by his parents’ offer to buy him a new car. He tells Carine that he would never trade his Datsun, which is perfect for him. Once he has problems with the car, he leaves him, furious, immediately. Chris loves Datsun despite his superficial flaws, just as he can love most of his friends regardless of their appearance, their money or their way of life, but when he perceives a deeper flaw, he is relentless and excludes him from his life completely, as he does with his parents.


The story of McCandless has inspired, despite its tragic ending, many imitators since the original publication of Towards Wild Paths . Why could it be?

Krakauer presents the story of McCandless in an indulgent way, but his book remains a sort of warning: although he believes that Chris may have survived, and that he only died for a small mistake, it shows how devastating such behavior can be for McCandless and for those who loved him. However, McCandless’s passion for living based on his principles, for simplicity and purity, is attractive and, to Krakauer, admirable, and the book shows that the wilderness may indeed be the best place to find All this. Therefore, those who feel dissatisfied with modern life and society may find that running away from them, as McCandless did, is worth emulating.

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