Just imagine our life without a mobile phone Before the invention of Essay

Just imagine our life without a mobile phone. Before the invention of communication device the way of communication was different. There was a time where people used pigeons for sending messages to a specific destination. Day by day the system has changed and people accept the new trends.

After the invention of post office people get used to that. At that time everybody wrote letters and post it. And wait for a long time to reply. That system was very time consuming.

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Just imagine our life without a mobile phone Before the invention of Essay
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Today we are in the 21St century. At this stage we are getting acquainted with new gadgets. Various types of gadgets make our life easier. In case of mobile phone, we can see the various versions of mobile phone are in the market.

But not without talking about one plus 7 pro smartphone. It has been a tremendous handgun ever in this era.

Its amazing design, Features and high quality make you mad after seeing you this. Not only that, one plus 7 pro smart phone gives 7 day replacement and 1 year free service to its users.

Review of the product

One plus 7 pro smartphone is the first company who brings a triple sensor camera on the market. It’s really very stylish smartphone ever. It has some features which makes it different from other smartphone. The features are:

Operating system

It has Android v9.0 (pie) operating system.


It’s display is 6.67 inches which is 16.94 cm with bezelles display.

It also contains Gorilla Glass 5 Protection.


It is designed by using Mineral glass back and splashproof.


It has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage with Non – Expandable Memory.


It has triple rear cameras with 48+16+8 MP

1 front camera with 16 MP.



It contains 4000 mah battery with wrap charging, within 20 minutes it charges upto 48%.

It provides dual SIM service. Both SIM supports 4G, 3G.

Special features

It contains on-screen fingerprint sensor.

Also has face unlock system.

It presents no 3.5 mm headphone Jack.

In today’s market it is one of the heaviest smartphone with 206g.

It is already received the android 10 updates.

It has UFS 3.0 storage which makes super fast file transferring.

The notification light of this phone is displayed horizontally on both sides of the screen that’s why it looks quite elegant.

Brief overview of the product

Every product contains both bad and good things. Oneplus 7 pro smart phone has some pros and cons also. The pros and cons are stated below:



90Hz display makes it buttery smooth and notchless.

High quality triple camera

Long lasting battery life.

Super fast file transferring system

Outstanding flagship performance.

Amazing Pop-up camera.

Fluid & snappy oxygen (OS)

It has no wireless charging.

It has no IP water and dust resistance system.

Poor Pop-up camera durability.

Very expensive.

Weight is very high.

Ideal user

Everybody become user of one plus 7pro smartphone the people who look for an elegant, stylish, high quality smartphone, this product is only for them. The people who seek best phone, one plus 7 pro is for them.

End user

One plus 7 pro smartphone Contains many special and unique features, but it is true that there are some bad things that sometimes annoying someone like the lack of IP water and dust resistance and wireless charging.

But it’s not a big problem. The people who are really fond of one plus 7 pro, they must buy it despite of having a little bit problem.

Final verdict

In today’s market there are various versions of mobile phone. But it is true that one plus 7 pro is really a unique product among other smartphone. Its classy design and unique feature capture everyone’s mind. It’s amazing triple camera makes your picture more lively. It’s 90Hz display gives you beauty, smooth and notchless feelings. Not only that, but use g this phone you can transfer your file very quickly. And its battery quality is very good and also long lasting.

If you want to get all the features in one phone then there is no alternative of one plus 7 pro smartphone.

To be smart and to make your life more smarter than others, there is only one option which is one plus 7 pro smart phone.

Yes, it is true that it is one of the most expensive phone yet, but it offers excellent service to its user that is worth nothing.

So who is looking for tremendous, classy, amazing smartphone, one plus is the best option for them.

Frequently ask questions

Is oneplus 7 pro available in Bangladesh?

answer: yes, it is.

As it has no Ip water and dust resistance system. Does it create any problems?

Answer: No. It’s not a very big problem.

So all the above discussion is based on only one product which is one plus 7 pro smartphone, it’s tremendous features and design really makes your life smarter if you use it. Just one thing always keep in mind that is – always think first before doing a task.

Key words

One plus 7 pro smartphone

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