Judaism Essay

Judaism is the religion of the Jews which is influenced by the belief that there is only one God who created and who constantly holds over the world. It is said to have originated when Abraham turned his back from worshipping false gods during his time. According to Arthur Hertzberg in his book Judaism, God gave the Jews or his ‘chosen’ people the Torah or the Laws of Moses.

With this, the Jews are intended to reach salvation and to lead other people to Him in the last days (Hertzberg).

1 In 586 B. C. E. the Jews are said to be banished from their home country, Israel, when Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar conquered parts of the country. And in 538 B. C. E. , the Persian king Cyrus dominated Babylon that led to the liberation of the Jews. Some of the Jews went back to Israel while some of them stayed behind and others moved to Nile in Egypt. This series of quest led to the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora that continues up to the present.

In Rome, a certain Valerius Maximus, who gathered and compiled accounts during the rule of King Tiberius, wrote that in 139 B. C. E. , the Jews were evicted from Rome. The account tells that the Diaspora may have reached Rome even during the 1st century B. C. E. (Gruen). At present, Jews have spread drastically across the globe. 2 From Israel, Rome and Egypt, they’ve reached North America, Europe, China, Australia and South Africa, Middle East and India. The present-day Jews are tasked to uphold unity, live harmoniously and transcend the current and future challenges (DellaPergola).

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