Job Rotation Programs Essay

Job rotation programs are very enriching but require much energy from both the company implementing the program as well as the employees. Job rotation is the systematic movement of employees from job to job within an organization. Job rotation is a systematic career development strategy that moves employees laterally and offers customized assignments for specialized learning.

Rotation assignment can run from six to eighteen months or longer. Employees who participate in job rotation programs develop a wide range of skills, and generally they are more adaptable to changes in jobs and careers and more engaged and satisfied with their jobs in comparison with workers who specialized in a single skill set or domain.

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Job Rotation Programs Essay
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” (Fiester, 2008) Participating in a job rotation program helps to prevent stagnation and job monotony as well as the opportunity to explore alternative career options within the organization. I participated in Chrysler’s Management Trainee program and I was able to work in four distinct areas of the Procurement and Supply.

As a buyer, I was able to see just how everything comes together. I worked with engineers and sales teams and helped with cost cutting measures. I moved into the position of transit supervisor and worked with the trucking industry. That allowed me to get close to the Just-in-Time side of the business and working with drivers, plant schedules and winter weather problems. I then moved into the position of Supplier management and worked to help the suppliers with delivery issues. My last rotation was in the plant where I saw it all come together.

In the plant, I actually saw the parts that I had ordered go onto the vehicle. I saw the process come full circle. My rotations allowed me to see how what I did as a buyer affected what happens in the plant. In the plant, I was constantly wondering why parts were being moved to Mexico. I understood the cost savings, but when you are waiting for a train to arrive or a truck that is stuck at the border – those decisions become quite a headache. Article in Relation to HRM Companies as a whole are looking for ways to not only bring in the best and the brightest, but they are also looking for ways to keep them.

Job rotation programs allow companies to give employees options. If they can move around the company in a company sponsored program, they can see what sort of opportunities they like and would be best for their career aspirations. Recruiting can get expensive but it you can allow your employees the chance to see what their options are within the company, they are more likely to stay. A formalized rotation programs allows them to move around with looking like they are jumping from job to job. That does not look good.

Sustaining interest in a single job is not always easy and could cause retention problems for companies. There is a downside to job rotations. If the employees enter the job and don’t have the skills necessary, then the work will often fall on the others within the department. Because there is a learning curve, and because the work has to get done, someone in the department will have to take up the slack and there may be some resistance or push back. (Jusko, 2011)

Conclusion I would have to say that after participating in the job rotation program at Chrysler, I was a much better at each and every job after that. When I was in a buying position, I was especially sure that I built in time to cross the border or as a delivery specialist, I discussed routing with suppliers. I would have to say that the most beneficial time I spent was at the plant. Every decision made from the design of the vehicle to the location of the supplier effects what happens as the assembly plant. It would be my suggestion that every person that has something to do with the manufacturing of anything rotate through the plant and get a feel for what the decision you make may mean down the line.

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