Job Application Materials Unit Learning Outcome(s) Reflected in assignment: Use principles of effective document design to design effective job application materials (CLO 2) Adapt job materials to specific job ads/companies (CLO 2) Introduction: For this assignment, you will submit an advertisement for a real job you are qualified for (or will be when you finish school), and you will prepare a cover letter and résumé tailored to the job ad and company. Directions: Use the advice from your reading and lecture for this unit to prepare and submit: A specific real job ad/position announcement that your materials will be tailored to A cover letter A résumé Do NOT use the resume templates as they are not accepted by the Applicant Tracking Systems mentioned in this week’s announcement. Write a new resume! It’s best not to recycle an old one. Please also do not use a military format for your resumes, as these are much longer than and different from what is required here. Use either of the resume formats from our text book: Figure 12.6, on page 394, or Figure 12.8 on page 400. Notice the format for the address block. Use a single-line objective, which is desired now, rather than a summary. Look at the format and the way the bullet list items are phrased. The resume works best at 1 page, and no more than 2. Use the checklist to help you proofread and review it. (Locker & Kienzler, 2015, p. 409) For the cover letter, follow the format and content in the Figure 13.4 on page 428. Consider the address blocks for sender and recipient. Choose the right salutation and closure. Pay attention to what goes in which paragraph to adequately develop your letter. Use goodwill, positive emphasis and you-attitude, which we discussed in the early chapters. Show your enthusiasm and elements about yourself which wouldn’t be immediately evident in the resume. The cover letter should be only 1 page. Look for Announcements throughout the week with more details and clues! Where to find job ads: General search sites like,,, (national labor exchange, links to state job boards as well) for federal government jobs Career/industry specific sites, for example, (IT/Tech focus) HR pages of specific companies you are interested in See this list of “niche” job boards: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. In addition to targeting key words and requirements from the job ad, you need to also do research on the position and company to really tailor your job materials effectively. This shows companies you have done your homework on them (this will be useful if you land an interview too!). Sources for research on companies Wikipedia (for large companies/organizations) Company webpage News and/or industry publications/websites Company review sites like or Depending on the field, govt. or watchdog organizations (for example, SEC filings can searched for financial companies, certain educational accreditation bodies publish sanction lists, etc.)


Market Research Analyst  

Position Summary

The T & T Group of Companies invites applications for a market research analyst. The successful candidate will be able to work as part and parcel of an interdisciplinary group of corporate market researches in developing innovative solutions to the dynamic markets and changing consumer behavior within the competitive markets for both internal and external market in view of internationalization of the firm and its expansion while exceeding customer expectation and remaining competitive through sustained innovative ideas.

Job Description

T & T Group of Companies is looking for a methodological market research analyst who is able to survey consumer needs and collect statistical data so as to support consumers in their decision-making approaches with regard to product prices, designs and promotions.  The successful candidate will be able to autonomously analyze quantitative and qualitative data, strategies, trends, and competition with an aim of gaining competitive advantage.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Data collection regarding consumers, market environment and the competitors
  • Consolidate the information gathered into actionable substances, reports and present the findings
  • Conduct reliable market research with tools such as SWOT and PESTEL methodologies
  • Data interpretation, report formulation and making recommendations
  • Establish competitive analysis to competitor firms on their market offerings, identifying their trends, pricing, methods of operations and sales
  • Advice the firm on changing laws and compliances to regulations  
  • Innovation is key to meeting market demands and maintaining a competitive advantage over rivals.

Minimum Qualifications

  • A Bachelors or a Master’s degree (having already received the honorary awards or completed all relevant requirements and just awaiting graduation) in the Business Studies, economics, finance, project management, marketing, international relations, and advertisement strategies.
  • Computer literate with specialty in windows environment   
  • At least two years of experience in marketing or research

Requirements of the Job Position (Skills and Abilities)

  • Skills in promotions, sales, advertising strategies and marketing
  • Adherence to high standards of customer service
  • Critical and creative thinker with problem solving capabilities  
  • Ability to compare and contrast various phenomenon and make sound decisions
  • Proficiency in communication skills with exceptional abilities in written or verbal communication
  • Ability of a candidate to collaboratively work in a team environment with courteous and friendly demeanor
  • Effective organizational skills and time management so as to juggle multiple priorities effectively under time constraints.

cover letter

Candidate`s Name


Email Address

September 12, 2018.


The Lead Research Analysts,

T & T Group of Companies,

Honey Creek St. 
Middle Village, NY 11379

Dear Sir,


Following your advertisement of a vacancy of a market research analyst in your organization, I would like to tender my application as candidate.  

I am a qualified market research analyst who graduated with a degree in business administration and hold competent skills you are looking for.   

I possess various skills in Research, Project Planning and Development, Report Writing and Presentation, Record Keeping, Leadership, Advocacy, Creative Thinking, Analytical, Computer Packages and Interpersonal Communication. I am a Focused, Efficient, Hard-working and Result oriented person who is self-motivated.

I hold two years’ experience in the skills mentioned above, having worked on a temporary basis on attachment and internship basis and currently working at Amazon in the sales department.

Copies of testimonials are attached with my resume.

Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration.  

Yours sincerely,


(Candidate`s Name)


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