Jef research EDUCATION Essay

Chapter ll – Review of Related Literature INTRODUCTIONThis chapter presents the related literature and studies about Education after the thorough and in-depth search done by the researchers. This will also presents the theoretical and conceptual framework to fully understand the research and for better comprehension of the study.Related Foreign Literature Aalst (2010) states the article discusses the potential of Google Scholar as an alternative or complement to the web of science and scopus for measuring the impact of journal articles in education.

According to Fischer and Sciarin (2009) examines the decisions making process leading into the new constitutional articles education in Switzerland. Mc million and Pearson,(2010).A substantially revised text provides a comprehensive, highly accessible and student friendly introduction to the principles, concept and methods currently used in educational research, the article excerpt are used throughout the text to demonstrate and highlight best practices in educational research. The international journal of epidemiology 19, 2010 Some 67 journal articles described and evaluated health education programs in developing countries examine the methodology used in the studies, it is important to improve the methodological quality of health education research this can be done by using controlled properaldy randomized design a research report described the detail of educational intervention employed and the target audience (Loevinsohn, 2010).

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Jef research EDUCATION Essay
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A study by Schumacher (2010) An article shows the comprehensive, highly accessible and student friendly introduction to the principles and concepts. Farquhar and krumboltz (2009) states in journal of educational research and reviewer of experimental research is often faced with the difficult task of reconcilling, conflicting findings from a variety of experimental studies. (Anderson, 2013) states there are sections provide a framework within which to evaluate any research report the experimental research reports was developed after syntesis of the suggestions of experts. In the case of the new constitutional articles on education, shared beliefs and a common frame of reference helped to overcome the joint -decision trap first argue the decision-making process on education. Second, explore why and how could successfully overcome the trap (Zurich, 2008). And it may also strengthen an orrientation towards a common good therefore, contribute to problem solving (Braun, 2009b). A specific characteristic of the decision making process on the constitutional articles on education also deserves being mentioned rather than standard processes (Sciarini, 2006). Related Local Literature Review of related literature for the evaluation of empowering local schools (Caldwell, 2012) states the agreements between the Commonwealth and States and territories provide the starting point. There is reference in these agreements to a mutual interest in enhancing the capacity of schools to make a decisions at a “local level” and enabling schools to better respond community needs and provide services to assist their students achieve their best educational outcomes. A study on socio-economic status of the parents of students and concluded that the socioeconomic background has a great impact on student’s academic performance. It has been main source of educational imbalance among students academic success (L.C Caranto et al. 2015). This study proved that one of the factors affect the students performance in school are individual, instructional, classroom management and evaluation factors and students performance is naturally considered a critical aspect for many educators. Performance of students in any academic task has always been a special interest to the government, educators, parents, and society. It has been proven that teachers have an important influence on students academic achievement (ANDAYA, 2016). One of the factors can affect the students performance are lack of material to use like books and equipment’s. According to (A. Legazpi GMA News, 2014). The K to 13 curriculum are having a problems to provides a books that fits to the curriculum base. Educational research has identified numerous family, peer and economic factors that contribute to academic failures. The relative lack of attention to health is unfortunate given that related literatures strongly suggest the possibility that health problems discrupt academic functioning is consideration of physical and mental health problems for academic performance in secondary school (B.L Needham & R. Crosnoe 2010). Related Foreign Studies A multilingual policy and the related foreign language education policy in the EU (FU et al. 2008) states that a study focusses on the EU”s foreign language education policy and its development with special reference to the European Standards for Foreign Languages Learning and the common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment. The Guide of Science & Education 8, 094, 2013 (YAN et al. 2013) states there are common reference to European language” , it’s presented with new foreign language teaching ideas of action oriented’. it’s to train comprehensive ability of language, advocacy of language diversity. Hai-qin (2009) states the Education Research paper analyzes the theories models of education policy-making, Including political system model, group model, the elite model, policy process model and institutional model. the paper focuses on the academic background of these theoretical models and its application in Education. Knowledge Management and Capacity Building in Higher Education Holds Key to the Development of a Nation (Baisya, 2017).The paper discusses the impact of capacity building should be attempted in a specific area of higher learning for maximising the social impact. The internationalization of higher education: Motivation and realities (Altbach et al. 2007) A study motivations for internationalization include commercial advantage, knowledge and language acquisition, enhancing the curriculum with international content. Efforts to monitor international initiatives and ensure quality are integral to the international higher education in United State. Accoding to KNIGHT, and ALTBACH (2011) found the International initiatives also provide access to higher education in some countries. the International activities of universities have dramatically expanded in volume, scope and complexity over the past two decades.Typically, developing countries must adjust to conditions created by powerful academic institutions and systems of Europe and North America. As Thomas Friedman pointed out, the world may be flat, but it also has hills and valleys that may create difficulties for some (Friedman 2006). A study by SHEN QI (2011) States that China is in an urgent need to establish its foreign language education strategy and construct a research system of foreign language education policy, this paper point that Chinese foreign language education policy research is still at its initial stage and the current researches suffer from the deficiency in theoretical framework. Foreign languageeducation policy is a vital issue for the major countries of the world (QIN Jie, 2014) states this studies analyze the foreign language education policies of several major economic powers and points out that it is high time for China to reevaluate their foreign language education policy. (Qiufang et al. 2010) found that by reviewing the characteristics of the literature the development from the year of 1999 to 2009, the authors of this paper attempt to decide the studies during the decade into two stages, is the initial stage (1999-2004) and the developing stage (2005-2009). Related Local studies To understand the relationship between induction policies, programs and practices (Carver et al. 2009) conducted case studies of three long-standing induction programs.The paper focuses on the individual’s choice of activity on completion of compulsory schooling – to remain in full-time education or to seek employment – and the factors influencing this decision. It took only a moderate period of time for most graduates to land a job, Most stay in their jobs for economic reason (Feiman, 2009). Economically 78 (311), 523-545, 2011 (Clark, 2011) states this paper assess the impact of the youth labour market on enrollment in post-compulsory education. Unemployment rates across regions and over time. Damon Clark suggest that the youth labour market has large enrollment impacts based on time series data. This helps to explain why enrollment growth slowed down from the mid- 1990s. Discussion paper//School of Economics, University if the Philippines, 2007. (Mesa, 2007) states this paper measures the degree of education inequality in thePhilippines. It generates the average years of schooling (AYS) and education Gini coefficients of the Philippines as a whole, and all its regions and provinces examine the economically-active population’s level of educational attainment. This paper finds that although inequality in educational attainment declined from 1960-2000 for the Philippines as a whole. A study by Bernardo (2004) states the English language has enjoyed a privileged status in Philippine formal education since U.S President McKinley declared it the medium of instruction of the Philippine public educational system in 1900. This paper traces the changing status of English in the Philippine education from the establishment of the American colonial government to the current implementation of Bilingual Education policy.

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