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Math-1332 Writing Assignment

My math skills weren’t always so great, I’ve always struggled in school and failed so many times but still

didn’t give up. The years I have been in school learning math I was good at solving Equations, Functions,

Pythagorean theorem, and Complex numbers. Since it’s been awhile when I took a math course, I forgot

how to solve problems. Taking this class is helping me understand quite a bit. I’m the type of person that

needs to be taught a thousand times for me to understand.

How I use math on a daily basis? Shopping, is one of the hobbies I enjoy doing that includes math. In a

purchase, making sure I’m not being over charged on items that are on sale. Checking if the right

percentage was taken. After doing all my shopping I need to check how much money I have left. And

then focusing back on managing my money for any bills, payment, and savings I need to take care of.


paychecks I get every two weeks at least one hundred dollars goes into my savings since I still live with

my family. I’m trying to save as much as I can before I move out in four years. I use mathematical

concepts when I utilize online banking to help me with bills, transfer money, and manage my personal

account. In my savings after one year, the interest is computed and placed back into my savings.

In my workplace we do use math sometimes, I’m a dental assistant and we mostly use math on how much

cement we have to mix to make a model of the patient’s impression of their teeth. Every measurement we

need a specific ratio base to catalyst in order for the mix to be accurate. Also knowing the percentage of

septocaine or lidocaine measured in milliliters, so we know how much we gave to our patient. Another

thing we do is check patients heart rate, it can be calculated by measuring the number of beats per ten

seconds then multiplying that number of beats per minute.

Being a dental assistant is awesome but my main goal is to get my associates in vascular sonography and I

know they use algebra way more than a dental assistant. They use algebra in ultrasound components,

which is in using ultrasound or sonographic machines. It records the processing unit and recording film

equipment algebra is used throughout the whole process, including soundwaves, obtaining patient

histories, image analysis. What I learned about how sonographers use math is in circument must measure

a scaled while obstetric ultrasound. Also can be used to calculate fetal weight using standardized

equation, these reflect basic algebraic principles. Can’t wait to understand and get better at math so I can

reach my goal of becoming a sonographer.

I’m hoping after finishing this course, I will understand a little bit more about solving math problems in

other courses and including in everyday life. You use math in everyday life and just don’t know it is so

incredibly valuable and most people take it for granted. Just like having a glass of water or a walk in a

park. It’s only until you’re faced with the inability to complete those tasks that you realize their true value.

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