Jackfruit as Oil Essay

Statement of the Problem

Oil price hike is one of the major problems in the country. To help in the production of oil we must utilize whatever things we have abundantly and use it to lessen if not totally eradicate the problem. This project will try to increase the sources of oil to lower its price and I recommend the use of plant oil like oil from Jackfruit seeds because plant oil is healthier.

It answers the following questions
-Can you extract oil from jackfruit seeds?
-Is jackfruit always available in the market?
-How can oil from jackfruit seed extract help people?
-Is this project beneficial to everyone?

Significance of the Study

This study is an important way to help lessen oil importation.

Jackfruit seeds will be used as an alternative source of oil. It is because of the availability of jackfruit in the market. Jackfruit (Artocarpus Heterophyllus) an indigenous fruit tree is widely distributed throughout many tropical countries, including the Philippines, both cultivated and wild.

It also has the properties and substances good oil has. Basically everyone who uses oil will benefit from this study. It will also have a positive effect on countries that will use it for the supply and demand of oil will be met. As for consumer attitude toward purchasing this product, I believe the key issue is whether consumers” get it”.

Do consumers who purchase sustainable products like cooking oil from jackfruit do so because it’s something new, because the oil is cheap, because they feel pressured to turnover a new leaf by all the problems in the oil industry, or because they believe in the sustainability of sustainability? While any of these motives is better than none at all, it’s not necessarily true that more is better´ when it comes to sale of these products. Only a lasting change in mindset toward production and consumption – not merely the sale of these products will establish sustainability for the long haul. This research can also help future investigation on related topics.

Scope and Limitation

This research was investigated with the help of articles in Wikipedia and Google although there was limited information available, the project was done thoroughly. The coverage of this investigatory project spans from investigating the possible solutions to oil problems, availability of materials, time that will be consumed while making the project and the actual creation of the product. The scope of my investigation is from how to extract the oil from the seeds of the Jackfruit up to how safe the product is, which took me seven (7) days to finish. Doing this project alone made it very hard for me for oil production is a hard and long process. With all the projects and other school works due almost at the same time, my schedule in this project is limited. But as it is, the project was a success and I was able to get the oil that I need.

Review of Related Literature

Information about my topic is limited. Only a few are available in the internet and some can be seen in the high school library. Others have researched about my topic and results vary on the ripeness of the seeds of the jackfruit. I have come to know that unripe jackfruit seeds produce more quality oil than that of the ripe and overly ripe.

Kind of Jackfruit seedAmount and quality of oil
One half kilo of unripe seed2 tbsp. of transparent oil
One half kilo of ripe seed1 and a half tbsps. of less transparent oil One half kilo of over-ripe seed1 tsp. of unclear oil


The materials needed to extract oil from jackfruit seeds are, one half kilo unripe jackfruit seeds, grater, mortar and pestle, fine cloth, pan and stove for heating and bottle container for the finished product. The procedure is to gather the jackfruit seeds and extract liquid from it with the use of a grater, mortar and pestle, strain the mixture pressing the juice out using fine cloth. The juice was boiled until oil starts to appear and the residue turns brown, The oil was removed from the heat and cooled then strained again to get the pure oil from the seed. The process produced a more viscous oil than that of those commercial ones.

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