I’ve been walking for a while now This place is too good Essay

I’ve been walking for a while now. This place is too good to be true of its nature’s best. I can hear the deafening silence around. I can smell the scent of freedom among the chirping of the birds. I’ve been walking in this forest like surroundings. Until I glance to a beautiful lady. She was looking at a blue horizon. I stand on her side and ask her “are you from this place?”. She was so silent and innocent.

I can see that she has a fair skin, and raven black hair. I can see her eyes, but I can hear her sadness in her voice when she answers ” You don’t know me are you?” I step forward and glance my reflection in the blue horizon. Gently I saw her face looking at me and said “I’m there” then I looked at the direction she pointed. I saw her that she was falling on the spring, when I turned back, I was falling, who is she?

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I’ve been walking for a while now This place is too good Essay
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“Hey wake up, we’re here” my mother said.

When I wake up, I see the name of the place. We arrive at Mabinay. I remember we are here because of our family reunion. We step out of the bus at exactly 7:00 in the morning. I can smell the home like scent of the place. The air is cold, and sweet. My auntie fetches us at the bus terminal. I can see a mid-age lady running towards us. She looks familiar but I can’t remember her. Until my mother inform me that was her cousin. We immediately pack our things and ride a tricycle then we are traveling for 3 minutes until we arrive at Mabinay spring. I can see a lot of people wearing different colors of tshirts until we reach the registration area. Then I can see the category per color of t shirts. Aftef just ring, we moved to a cottage and settle down for a while as we wait for the program to start. My cousins and I gathered and one of my auntie was telling a story about the lovers of the spring. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl living in a simple and remote area. She is fun of going to the spring every morning and every afternoon. There was a story at the community that the girl was possessed by a spirit of a spring and then I wake up again, in the same place where I was before. I see some teenage girls that peeping on that beautiful girl while talking to a handsome boy. I heard the other girl said, “who is she talking with?” The other girl said “I guess she is talking to herserlf?” I glance at the beautiful girl and rub my both eyes if I am seeing things because I know she is talking to a handsome guy. One of the teenage girls shout at the girl and said “Hey? What are you doing there?” And the other said ” Are you crazy? Whom are you talking with?” I was looking at the teenagers back, and fort to the beautiful girl and her companion. The beautiful girl said ” Im with my friend. Would like me to introduce him to you?” The teenage girl replied ” I don’t know of you , you’re out of your mind.” The girls run away and left the beautiful girl with her handsome friend alone. Im shock beacuse she look at me and said “How are you? Are you there for sometime now?” I look at her and try to look at my back or my side and I know she is asking me. I replied, “yeah kinda, I witness everything” The beautiful girl said ” Can you see my friend?” “Yes, he is standing beside you, isn’t he?” I replied. Then I slowly walk towards them “Good I thought you can see him as well, I’m wondering why those girls can’t see him”. She said while embracing her handsome friend. I did not notice the time when I glance to my wrist watch its already 12 noon. I ask the girl “did you see a group of people around here? We’re wearing same t shirts, we are having our family reunion today” the girl glance at me and smile she said “yes I see all of you even my friends see all of you, but youre the only person who can see both of us”. I feel dhock anc numb when I hear what she said ” What? Are you serious? what are you talking about?” I ask the girl. She hold my hand and said, “Look at above you you’re all having fun, I feel so terrified “why I am in the water?” “Because I want to” with a sarcastic and devious voice “Hey wake up, wake up!” Then I see my auntie waking me up from a deep sleep. *”What are you dreamin’ about”? My auntie ask. “It seems so true I meet this beautiful girl with her handsome friend, they were here actually, she told me that she can see all of us” I said. I stand up and try to observe the surroundings. I can see the deep blue spring, I pointed out and said ” She was there, but it seems the spring is quiet big now. I still remember her voice seems real to me. We were talking before I woke up. ” My auntie hug me and said ” It was all a dream yet true”.

My tita tell me the story that I was dreaming about the myth of the spring. I learned that when she was at my age , she was able to dream the dream that I have, I don’t know but maybe it’s with our family. My tita told me, that there was a beautiful girl that can be seen in the spring long time ago then a boy in the village was captured by her beauty and never ever came back. Right after that the spring emerged and the boy was not seen. The people believe , he was taken by that girl. The curse that every year, the spring gets a life or someone may drowned from swimming. They said that it was a tribute for a lady living at the spring. That is why there are lots of life guards roaming around the spring to watch the civillians especially those who are swimming. Right after that , I pray and ask for God’s guidance for what happen. The day ends with us riding back home and the memory of the legend of the spring. Who is she?

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