It’s weird to have the Harley Quinn and Joker’s relationship be defined Essay

It’s weird to have the Harley Quinn and Joker’s relationship be defined as relationship goals. Their relationship would be more so described as abusive. Leading to the million dollar question Why Stay With Him? Once Upon a time Harley Quinn actually used to be a normal person, studied in medical school and soon after went to work as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, where she was assigned to the Joker. During this time she could have diagnosed herself with having a small version of ADHD( Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) or BWD( Battered Woman’s Disorder) but hadn’t fully manifested until meeting the Joker, sparking the start of her BWD.

To fully understand what Miss Harley Quinn was going through we first have to understand what BWD is and how it manifests. BWD also best known as Battered Woman’s Disorder is when a person male or female experiences long-term domestic abuse and slowly develops a helplessness that causes them to believe they, the abusie, deserves the abuse and can’t get away from it, and in Harley Quinn’s case she saw that the world and herself as all bad and the Joker as all good making excuses in order to convince herself that the way he reacts is her fault.

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It’s weird to have the Harley Quinn and Joker’s relationship be defined Essay
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This is also known as the four stages a person in an abusive relationship may experience known as Denial: The abusie is unable to accept that their being abused, and tries to justify it as just being that once., Guilt: belief that he/she has caused the abuse., Enlightenment: The realization that he/she didn’t deserve the abuse and acknowledges that their partner has an abusive personality., and last Responsibility: Accepts that only the abuser holds responsibility. In many cases, this is when an attempt to escape is made in the relationship. Moreover, some people in an abusive relationship can’t make it to the second or third stages due to that domestic violence can be fatal. As stated previously external stresses can potentially trigger mental health issues. And working for the Joker is no easy job and could definitely take a toll on one’s mental health. Not only did the Joker use her physiatrist degree against her by making up fabricated stories in order to win her sympathy there for falling head over hills for him but also put up with him using her as a human shield, choked her, and for God’s sakes he’s even thrown her out a window and yet she would go back and still love him even through her doubts and rehab however it’s not to say Harley Quinn is to blame for the Joker’s abuse. Those who are affected by BPD effects how the ones afflicted see themselves and their role in the world, resulting in their interests and values can change quickly. Domestic abuse typically following a predictable cycle: The abuser will try and win over the partner, often moving quickly into a relationship with tactics like influencing a person through demonstrations of attention and affection, grand romantic gestures, and pressuring for commitment early, the abuser will become emotionally or physically abusive often starting off small, like a slap instead of a punch, or punching the wall next to where their partner might be standing near,The abuser will feel guilty, swearing it won’t happen again, and be overtly romantic to win their affection again, There will be a temporary honeymoon phase period, where the abuser is on their best behavior, luring their partner into thinking things really will be different, the cycle starts over again continuing the abuse. Additionally, the real courage in an abusive relationship is breaking free of the relationship. Though Harley Quinn still deals with the effects of BWD serving as another version of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) she’s finally broken free of the Joker’s hold on her showing her independence as a character, as she dealt with her mental health complications. However, though she’s overcoming her mental problems it doesn’t mean her mental health is completely in check, she still visited Joker in prison, and nearly beat him to death, which is understandable after being abused for years. BPD causes inappropriate, intense anger or problems controlling anger. Research has shown that BWD or domestic abuse can result in long-term health consequences. Long-term effects including PTSD-like symptoms: flashbacks, dissociative states, and violent outbursts against the abuser. Health issues caused by stress, high blood pressure and cardiac problem, chronic back pain or headaches and, increased risk of developing diabetes, asthma, depression, and immune dysfunction due to long-term stress. People who are closely associated with someone suffering from abuse should never force someone to do something, They’re already being controlled by a person. And forcing them to leave before they’re ready generates a possibility that they’ll go back to the abuser, placing them in more danger. Many states recognize BWD as a serious mental condition. Under these circumstances, many states have laws that account for violent outbursts from battered women or men who injure or even kill their abusers. Legally, can be argued as a result of severe mental distress or done in self-defense.There’s no shame in getting help and talking to someone about treatment. When you hurt your arm or get a terrible virus, you seek treatment. Battered woman syndrome is a serious mental health disorder that comes as a result of serious domestic abuse, often at the hands of a romantic partner. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, speak up and get help as soon as possiblelet’s not act differently when someone with a mental health issues also needs attention because being physically hurt is also the same as being mentally hurt

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