It Was the Most Wonderful Day of My Life Essay

It was the most wonderful day of my life! Maybe it did not mean a great deal for others as it came naturally to them, but for me, it was a bliss. Yes, bliss; I had completely lost hope until Dr Hurree came in my life as a ray of light, enlightening my life and removing all the darkness which caused me to weep my heart out everyday. I am able to conceive! This very little fact made me dance a jig of joy even on the hospital stretcher.

All thanks to Dr Hurree, I was able to become mother after ten long years of marriage. This very fact filled my ears with sweet cries of babies. I went mad of joy. And my husband, he was the second most happy. After several tests conducted by the doctor, we had discovered that I could not become expectant. As my husband was the only son of his parent, my mother-in-law used to taunt me as I could not bring an heir in their family, I had to beat these vulgar and hurting taunts until today.

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It Was the Most Wonderful Day of My Life Essay
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Today nobody could tell me anything.

Some months later, I was nurturing a child in me. Being so happy, I forgot about the contract I signed before working; I did not have the right to take more than one months of holidays except emergencies. I badly needed holidays, but for that I had to pay the price of losing my job, my career, and my hard-works. As always , my husband supported me to decide what pleased me. But on the other hand, my in-laws beckoned me to resign. So what if I lose my job, at least I could bring to world my symbol of love of my husband and I. I would sacrifice my career , and my years of education to take good care of my child. Hence, I resigned. During the last three months of pregnancy, I stayed at home, obeying my mother-in-law. She now talked to me with undoubted love and softness ans I was treated like a daughter of this house.

My husband, an angel sometimes stayed at home and cook my favorite dishes. I was really pampered. He treated me as a princess. All my desires and wishes were fulfilled and I was in a state of happiness every single second. One morning as I descended the flight of stairs after waving goodbye to my husband who was going to work, a thought crossed my mind. I thought of his laughter when he said that I look like a huge pumpkin. I remembered my first responses from my child. However, I did not realize that the maid mopped the floor and it was slippery. Day-dreaming, I missed one step and this was the end. I blacked-out. I opened my eyes in the hospital, and I knew what had happened.

I could no longer feel the nudging sensations of my baby and I screamed hysterically. Now, my system had calmed down and I wept silently. It was all my fault. My husband was on his way. He was aware of the miscarriage. What was he going through? As I lay down on the hospital stretcher, I watched the television to divert my attention. I watched the news. There was an accident not far from here. The victim died on spot. As the camera focused on the victim’s face, I froze; it was my husband! I had lost my career, my baby and now my love! I felt lonely and defeated; I was just a burden to this world!

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