It was the morning of August 24th Fiora opened the window the Essay

It was the morning of August 24th, Fiora opened the window, the sun shined brightly on her face. She looked outside, white clouds covered Piltover, and tall buildings surrounded it. She got ready, grabbed the gemstone and headed her way outside.

She was walking to her grandmaster’s house when suddenly, she heard a familiar voice, “Fiora, over here,” It shouted. Fiora looked in the direction where she heard the voice. It’s Talon, Fiora thought to herself. She slowly approached him.

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It was the morning of August 24th Fiora opened the window the Essay
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“What are you doing here?” Fiora asked.

“The usual,” he replied, “Oh and what’s that,” he added as he pointed at the gemstone Fiora was carrying.

“It’s my grandmaster’s gemstone, I’m supposed to bring it to him, but I guess I’ll show it to you,” said Fiora. Fiora pulled out the gemstone, as she was showing it to Talon, he swiftly grabbed it from her hand and started to run. “Really now?” Fiora shouted as she chased after Talon towards a corner.

She pulled out her sabre and said: “It doesn’t have to be this way, you can just hand back the gemstone to me and we’ll be on our way out of here.” Talon pulled out his blades and ran straight for Fiora.

“Well, looks like its going to be this way,” Talon shouted. Talon tried his best to hit Fiora but she parried strike after strike, blow after blow.

“Is that all you got Talon?” Fiora wondered.

“I’m not finished yet!” Talon screamed. He pulled his cloak over him and blades flew out In all directions. One of the blades managed to barely hit Fiora. She charged in quickly as Talon was off guard but he then quickly disappeared.

“What a coward,” Fiora mumbled. She looked into the distance and saw Talon again. She decided to hunt him down. Fiora quickly caught up with Talon. She stabs Talon in the leg so he tripped to the ground.

“This isn’t fair!” Talon yelled.

“Nothings fair,” Fiora mentioned. She decided to send Talon to prison and continued her day as planned.

The following day, Fiora visited Talon’s cell. “Still alive?” Fiora asked.

“Why would I be dead?” Talon asked as he grinned.

“You seem like the type of person that would just die in here,” Fiora said smiling evilly. She looked at Talon, she noticed a hole in the wall. “Trying to escape?” Fiora said pointing at the hole.

“I suppose,” Talon said

“Ah, I see, that’s lame, anyways I’ve got to go,” Fiora said walking away. As Fiora was walking, a laser was pointed at Talon’s head.

“What now…” Talon asked, but Fiora didn’t answer. A gunshot fired in the distance.

“Boom, headshot,” said an unknown voice, hopefully now he’s dead it thought to itself.

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