Is Humanity Suicidal? Essay

I do not think that humanity is suicidal, we just sometimes fail to realize the long-term effects that certain actions have on our environment. I completely agree with E.O. Wilson when he said, “We are smart enough and have time enough to avoid all environmental catastrophes of civilization-threatening dimensions.” Basically what he is saying is that we have the time and capability to prevent an environmental catastrophe, but the time to act is now. We as a society need to change our thought process in which “the mind works comfortably backward and forward for a few years, spanning a period not exceeding one or two generations” (Smith 3).

We need to start thinking ahead and consider four to five generations ahead of us rather than two or three. The only way to achieve this is by spreading awareness.

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Is Humanity Suicidal? Essay
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We need to start convincing people that changes must be made now in order to sustain our environment. People may not listen at first, but they will if enough people start to discuss it and it gains momentum.

For instance, I can remember when the topic of electric cars first came up in the media about ten years or so ago. Back then, people laughed at the idea of an electric car, but now hybrids and non-gasoline powered vehicles have become a norm in today’s eco-friendly society. That is just one example, but there are many others in which society doesn’t take things seriously at first, but then comes to realize that maybe there is a problem and we should do something about it. All we can hope for is that we as a society address these problems sooner rather than later.

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