Is Childhood Behavior Better or Worse Than It Was Years Ago? Essay

Family life compared to a hundred years ago is on the decline. Everyone moves at a fast pace these days. My Father and Mother are working to maintain the home, while my sisters and my brother are left to their own devices and there isn’t a coming together to sit down and communicate on some level. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. Technology has advanced so much compared to a hundred years ago, that we are well on our way to fuel less cars and robotic companions.

Yet, with advanced technology comes the added responsibilities to maintain and seek out other avenues for even far move advanced technologies to help support the life styles we have come accustomed to. Is this then better than before when we were thankful just to have light and running water in the house?

Education is by far better today than a hundred years ago! The fields of learning have been opened up to boys and girls equally to seek out far greater possibilities than were even imaginable a hundred years ago.

Yet, with this privilege of learning has came a decline in our education system. The lack of adequate teachers, the high rise in disrespect for authority, just the lack of caring whether you learn or not has affected our education system. A hundred years ago the thought of a higher education was just a dream for most. If you acquired a fifth grade reading level you were doing good. Learning was a privilege, and yet today we cast an education around as if it were an article of clothing.

While there has been such great strides in our would today compared to a hundred years ago, we have missed out on the carefree, thankfulness, and appreciation of the things and others around us. We take for granted what we hoped to have or even imagined we could have years ago. But now in this generation child behavior is much worse than it was years ago. Disrespect for authority figures. The fault lies with the parents to be sure. We are told to cater to our childrens emotional “needs” and that coperal puminshment is bad for them. Children require constant training, patience and love – most of todays parents are too busy or selfish to make this kind of investment. If children are allowed to control and manipulate their parents as in the description above, the parent will be helpless to teach that child anything.

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