Investment in stocks

An investment is an undertaking that is aimed at making profits in a given period. For an investment to be termed successful, the rate of return and risk levels plays a crucial role in the undertaking (Becket, 2012). This forms the background of the current study.Three companies listed in Qatar stock exchange will be evaluated, and the selection of the companies is based on the industry classification in relation to the volatility of the selected industry.The companies selected include Qatar national Bank, Qatar Islamic Bank, and Commercial Bank of Qatar. The stock analysis is done from 1st January 2016 to 1st March 2016, whereby weekly stock analysis is done. The adjusted closing value is used to do the evaluation of the average stock price and standard deviation, which measures the risk. The analysis is done as follows;

Qatar National Bank

Qatar National Bank is a commercial Bank in Doha, Qatar, being the second largest Bank in Africa and the Middle East, in terms of assets. The Bank was founded in 1964.In the year 2015, the bank is ranked as the best brand bank in Middle East and Africa. Its performance is ranked the best, thus forming the best investment background¬†(ZAWYA, 2015). This forms the main reason for the selection of the bank for investment. The stock performance for Qatar national Bank, as from 1st January 20216 to 1st March 2016, is as follows……………………………………………………

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