IntroductionBike Zone Shop help you find the perfect new bike or fix Essay


Bike Zone Shop help you find the perfect new bike or fix up your old bike. We offer a large selection of bikes, from road to mountain, hybrids or kid’s bikes – Bike Zone has a bike to get you rolling. Bike Zone also offers bike repair to get your old machine back on the trail. We also carry a wide range of cycling equipment, apparel and bike racks. Whatever your cycling need, Bike Zone has you covered. Each bike is worked to improve the nature of your ride, and each model is upheld by our history of execution, sturdiness, and accuracy building.

Locate your next incredible ride here from our thorough offering of trail-shredding off-road bicycles, lightning-quick road bikes, and stylish city bikes.

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IntroductionBike Zone Shop help you find the perfect new bike or fix Essay
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Bike Zone is an e-commerce business specialized in bicycle and wide variety of cycling product. The company is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and its founder is Hadi Alandanusi. The company will be selling bicycles from the largest brand selection.

An online store will be a virtual online store where clients will certainly be able to browse the catalog and select items they are keen on. You can pick and purchase the selected items in the shopping cart

All the Cycling Product will be of the finest quality and made by the world’s top and best brands. All the components and equipments will be provided from trusted vendors like Trek, Giant, GT Bikes, Yeti Cycle, Marin Cycle, Cannondale, and Santa Cruz

Our website will be open 24 hours a week to guests and it will be a fully interactive and adaptable website, where customers can use our product to create their own bicycle experience.

Our clients can see whether the equipment or bicycle they wish to buy is available and then make their orders, and we will provide them with the latest and the most secure means of payment, which can be identified and accepted globally.

We are going to deal with major shipping agencies each domestically and internationally to be able to offer short and reliable delivery. We aspire to make our consumer care center one of the high-quality and we are able to operate 24/7 in order to deliver feedback to the clients’ queries starting from answering calls giving professional advice to replying questions on social media.

The product and services

Bike Zone would also improve consumer satisfaction by providing them with all of the information that customers need to fulfill their needs to perfect their bicycle. Our substantial experience across multiple product and carrier lines places us at the leading edge of client care services outsourcing. We provide net, chat, voice, e-mail, and fax support throughout several approaches, which includes sales, provider, and advertising and marketing.

Figure – 1

Mission (Business statement)

Our task is to offer our clients with the high-quality possible bicycle and equipment within the marketplace from all brands being a one-forestall store for cycling. If a customer is a road cyclist, be they a mountain cyclist, a hybrid cyclist, they can rest easy knowing that they would be in a safe professional hands as well as a successful and profitable company selling high – quality bicycles, provide our customers with value and create a company that can attract, employ and preserve smart and capable staff.


To be further recognized perhaps as one of the world’s most respected bike selling corporations and even provide our customers with revolutionary and excellent products, and to empower young people with our passion and enthusiasm for cycling in and out of in our own industry. We strive to become the centre of the first cycling community via high-quality products, superior customer service, as well as through different opportunities.


In order to achieve our goal, we strive to fulfill the following objective:

Gain Customer Satisfaction to build trust between our clients.

To supply our clients only with secure and comfortable goods.

Enhancing the wealth and power of our investor.

To be a corporation that is also globalized and socially beneficial.

Diversifying further into existing markets and new assets of products.

Constant purchases boost revenue.

Increase ours in after-sales support.

Reduce cost of production to give a better pricing to our customers.

An overview of new markets of competing products.

Introduction into existing businesses of new products.

Strengthen our infrastructure of dealers.

Lessen manufacturing costs to offer our clients with the top-prices in the market.

Business Process

In our own business does have a function that starts with the registration of a user profile on the website and finishes with the final consumer product delivery.

The current process of business should be as follows:

Consumer have to create an account in the website, by providing essential information like their name, address, contact information, and billing information

After that, the customer can select his/her bicycle or equipment by browsing the website or using our search tool if they knows the model name.

After the customer places his or her order in the cart he can see weather each bicycle/equipment is available or not and if one of the model is not in stock then the system will provide him with alternate parts that share the same characteristics and the same range of prices. If the customer does not like any of them, he can use the “auto notify me” button to be notified immediately as soon as the website restock the bicycle/equipment.

The items will be addressed as an order in the shopping cart:

Customer will have to provide the billing, shipping address, and select the desired delivering method, express or standard. The customer will be notified through their emails with an invoice as soon as they purchase the order

Once the payment have been verified, the user will be given an estimation time on the shipment arrival (depending on which delivering service they chose).

Customer may return any item in its original condition within 30 days of receipt and we will gladly provide a refund, replacement, or an exchange.

SWOT Analysis


Best established cycle brand for the cyclist who wants to seek cycling passionately.

One-way trip shop for cycling equipment and needs of all kinds.

A wide variety of cycling-related high-quality goods, such as gadgets and clothing widely available apart from cycles.

Building a custom-made bike based on personal needs have mostly helped get into almost every cycling enthusiasts section.

Quite experienced and knowledgeable support staff that helps clients choose the best bike for them. Globalized the cycling industry’s global market from production after-sales service.


The range of women’s catering products is constrained.

Regional constraints mean somewhat less awareness and understanding of the brand.


Under their brand name, they may link up with cycling academies or open one.

Women’s highly competitive biking is being formed recently so they can expand their client base of women’s cycles and clothing and accessories products as they have limited editions of all these.

Can also be integrated further into physical health or education and awareness systems to increase brand awareness and increase sales.


The massive global pullback is threatening as disposal income declines.

public transport can easily be a substitute.

Commerce E-website

Website functionality:

The website functionality contain the following:

Navigation bar- Includes the homepage, shopping cart page, login/register page, our bike page, special offers page, services page, location page, contact page, categories page (in Arabic).

Search bar – Allow the customer to search for the desired product.

Home – takes you to the main page.

Login/register – Take the user to a page where he can either register as a new user by completing the required information or login.

Our Bike – Show various collection of bike, users will choose the type of bicycle they want (road, mountain, hybrid), after choosing the type of bicycle, a brands of bicycle specialized in that type will show up different models of bicycle.

Special offers – Show the latest up-to-date offers on the bicycles and equipment.

Services – offer maintenance services, tune up.

Location – Provide the HQ’s location and the available branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Contact – Include information about the website and contact information (email, social media, telephone, fax) so customer can contact the website easily in case they had a problem or feedback.

Business System Functionality

Customers who mostly buy from the e-commerce website must be able to obtain pricing information, reputation, services, and prices of the vendor and be able to easily contact the vendor about the items they wish to purchase. For business growth and expansion, a well-organized e-commerce website is vital for the website.

– The website will include a search function to help users find all the products they want or need. An advanced search is also included to help search for a specific result.

– -A shopping cart with a small number indicating how many items are in the cart. The client clicks on the shopping cart and will be able to see in details the products and their prices, with the total.

–Users who made an account will be able to purchase from the website and access various services and functions. Without having an account, the user can browse the website.

– There will be a register button and a form with input fields will be prompted:

– First Name.

– Last Name.

– Username.( The website will check if the name is taken or does not have the minimum length of characters and will ask them to do it again)

– Email.

-Email Confirmation.

– Phone number (optional)

-Password. (A bar will indicate how strong the password is, user will be warned if his password is weak or too short)

-Password Confirmation.

– The homepage will also have a slideshow showing its newest products, advertisements, models coming soon and such, and the customer can click on each advertisement for even more information.

– The Bike Zone store menu will display different bicycle brands, the user will be able to see all the bicycle models after clicking on a brand. The menu of accessories and the menu of services will work in the same way.

– In order to see details and prices, the user could click on a product image. The user can also add a product to a wish list to bookmark a desired product.

-The customer can use a comparison feature to compare different products by adding and submitting two or more products to the comparison function.

Assembling tool will be added in the future, the tool will help the consumer pick every part of the bicycle manually (e.g. Saddles, frame, pedal…etc) the website will also check the compatibility of each part.

System Logical Design


First and foremost, a web authoring tools are needed in order to create and also to put up the website, for instance, the tool we could be using are such as InMotion Hosting or Bluehost, HostGator…etc. Furthermore, a web server management system is needed to manage the hardware for hosting the website so it can deliver the content of the website to the user throughout the internet. Moreover, to help maintain the connection and server, we are going to use a server software and here are some example of the software we could be using, Ubuntu server edition, Amahi, Apachi, and FreeNas and more other software. For the user to be able to access the website, a browser is needed for example, FireFox, GoogleChrome, Internet Explorer.

Lastly, we are going to need a database system for the website in order to link the other websites, it will also holds all the important information about the user, like password, address, names, also other information related to the products and more business information.


For hardware, we are going to need three tiers, and they are client-tier, application server-tier, data server-tier.

Client tier: is responsible of graphical data analysis and presentation, user activities receiving and interfaces face control. The true business logic (e.g. total price and vat/tax calculation) was moved to an application server.

Application server-tier: Business objects which implement the business rules here to be available to the customer level. This tier protects customers ‘ data from direct access.

Data server-tier: This tier is accountable for data storage. It is quite important to keep in mind that there are logical boundaries between levels.

Security Issues

Thousands of website security issues have affected numerous companies and government businesses in recent years. Significant e-commerce sites were often the victim of malicious attacks by groups seeking to rob financial and client personal data and by a variety of hacking organizations simply seeking to expose the Private Corporation and buyers ‘ data to the public.

Moreover, here are some of the known security issues:

Confidentiality of the client’s information: it mostly refers to the prevention of intentionally or unintentionally unauthorized access of web trade information. Some of the attacks are, packet sniffing, wiretapping, phishing.

Integrity of the client’s info: when the client send some information, the received data should be the same as the one sent, some of the attacks are MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE, session hijacking.

Availability of the client’s data: data is available whenever requested to the authorized parties. Some of the attack are, DoS, DDoS.

Preventive measures to protect our website from threats and security issues:

-Encryption: By encrypting, the Communication between both the web site as well as the client’s browser, when there is a transmission of confidential information, by using the latest SSL or TLS

-Regular check-ups on the possibility of having a vulnerability, having the latest of encryption and security dos not mean the site is always protected.

-Address verification system (AVS).

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