INTRODUCTIONBig Apple Donuts Coffee was a type of private business and Essay

1.0 INTRODUCTIONBig Apple Donuts & Coffee was a type of private business and in the food and beverage industries. It was established in 2007 with Mike Chan as the founder of this Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. Originally, It was started when a group of young entrepreneurs which is Mike Chan and his friends dwelled on the idea of a unique food concept in Malaysia – the simple kind to have at any place and time, yet provide the ultimate sweet tooth experience. Coincidentally, they also shared a common passion for doughnuts.

By the mid of 2008, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee was acknowledged as one of the fastest growing food chains in the history of the nation with already 23 stores operating nationwide, just over a year after its birth. it was indirectly turn that donut as core business for Big Apple Donut & Coffee and is one of the leading and fastest growing retail chain of premium quality doughnuts in Asia. It fell nothing short of a success phenomenon.

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INTRODUCTIONBig Apple Donuts Coffee was a type of private business and Essay
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With the customers’ waiting line spilling beyond the sidewalk, a new world experience for doughnut lovers began emerging. Today, at an average growth rate of one new store a month, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee is going global. With a tag-line of Every Piece is a Masterpiece”, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee always aims to offer something new and exciting to all doughnut lovers in Malaysia and around the world. They had open a stores in Malaysia and nowdays it was around 56 , Thailand, Indonesia, China and Cambodia. The entrepreneur also aimed to change the local perception that the donut was just a doughnut. With their collective experiences in the food and beverage industry, they developed a unique dough mix and a delightful range of doughnuts at the lowest calorie scale possible. At the same time without compromising the quality and flavour that doughnuts fans would expect. Big Apple Donuts & Coffee specializes in offering a wide range of doughnuts and beverages to people who want something different from the norm. Because they strive to be different, their doughnuts are not the same as other brands of donuts in the market. Far from being a new concept in some parts of the world where the wheel had already been reinvented, the idea of warm and freshly baked doughnuts coupled with entertainment value (production theatre) was still a novelty in Malaysia Altogether, the concept, packaging and greater choices of doughnuts make Big Apple Donuts & Coffee a very unique brand.The Organization structure of Big Apple Donut & Coffee is Top manager was at the very top levels of the organizational hierarchy who are ultimately responsible for the entire organization that comes out with a set of procedures for making decisions about the organization’s long-term goals and strategies and come out with the detailed act to reach strategic goals. They are the most important role in the company as they are the one who lead the whole company to achieve the goals. Besides that, the company may not be able to run routine activities without the leading of the top managers. So all the management team from every department have to cooperate and work closely with each of the departments such as finance, accounting, operating, and others related department for understanding customer needs and creating value and satisfaction for them. For example, the marketing department has to work with production department to ensure the sales can be made on time and etc. Target market refers to a group of customers or people that the business has decided to aim its marketing effort and ultimately it’s merchandise towards. Big apple Donuts & Coffee are aim to all culture, every generation, and every stages of doughnuts lover. It provide low-sugar doughnuts to solve the problem for donut lovers especially female who like to eat doughnut but also consider to maintain their stature at the same time. Besides that, the low-sugar doughnuts are also suit for the elder doughnut lovers so that the elder customers can enjoy Big Apple Donuts & Coffee with healthy and happiness.Big Apple Donuts & Coffee are using undifferentiated marketing strategy also called mass marketing strategy for reaching the target markets which is strategy that focuses on producing a single product and marketing it to all customers. Big Apple provided a single product (donuts) to all customers with different culture, generation, stages, ages, and so on. Big Apple Donuts & Coffee had success to marketing its product not only local customers but as well as worldwide included China, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Middle East.The chosen method of marketing segmentation for Big Apple Donuts & Coffee is demographic, psychograpic, geographic and product- related segmentation. Based on Demographic segmentation also known as socioeconomic segmentation refers to the division of an overall market into homogeneous groups based on variable such as gender, age, income, occupation, education, sexual orientation, household size, and stage in the family life cycle.Big Apple Donuts & Coffee are suitable to all gender of doughnut lovers, it provided low sugar doughnuts so that elder doughnut lovers can enjoy their favorite with healthy. It also attracted a lot of children and teenagers due to different name, taste and the unique design of flower and color that apply at the top of different doughnuts. Besides that, it is also suitable for working classes who are lack of time to enjoy their meal. They can enjoy doughnuts and coffee for instant. Low-sugar and low-fat produce by Big Apple Donuts & Coffee also full-fill the needs of people who want to maintain their stature of body. Big Apple Donuts & Coffee selling their doughnuts at RM2.50 every piece, so it is suit for all stages of income group.For Psychographic segmentation is the division of a population into groups having similar attitudes, social class and lifestyles. Big Apple Donuts & Coffee located all the stores at shopping malls to aims the customers who likes to shopping because shopping is an activity for relax and people who relax they will eat something special and they will purchase something with very nice looking and unique design. Big Apple Donuts & Coffee may full fill customers need in this situation because of the unique and nice looking design at the top of every different doughnut. Besides that, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee also aims doughnut lovers and they design their doughnuts such as taste and flower to compete with competitors in the market. The standard price of Big Apple Donuts & Coffee are also suit for all social classes such as upper-upper, upper-lower, upper-middle, lower-middle, working class, as well as lower class.For geographic segmentation is refers to division of an overall market into homogeneous groups based on their location. Big Apple Donuts & Coffee focused on three states in Malaysia which is Penang, Kuala Lumpur and also Johor. The first store of Big Apple Donuts & Coffee was held at The Curve shopping mall, Kuala Lumpur. Big Apple Donuts & Coffee focused its business on these three states is due to the economy and the population rate of these three states is the highest in Malaysia. Besides that, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee realized that there are many people in these three states are lack of time to enjoy their meal because of busy on their work so that they can enjoy doughnuts with instant and release their stress when looking on the unique design of doughnuts at the same timeLastly for product-related segmentation are involves dividing a consumer population into homogeneous groups based on their relationship to the product. This segmentation approach can take several forms which are firstly, segmenting based on the benefit people seek when they buy a product. Secondly, segmenting based on usage rates for a product. Last but not least is segmenting according to consumer’s brand loyalty toward a product. Segmenting by benefit sought focused on attributes people seek and benefits they expect to receive from a good and service. Consumers who quaff Big Apple Donuts & Coffee are not only looking for dose of doughnuts. They are also willing to pay extra to savor a pleasant experience, one that markets them feel pampered and appreciated. Women and old folks purchase Big Apple Donuts & Coffee believe it giving them a great tasting and healthy food. Segmenting by usage rates according to the amounts of product they buy and use. Segmenting by brand loyalty segmenting method groups consumers according to the strength of the brand loyalty they feel toward a product. Companies spar for loyalty on just about every front. Recently, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee announced a special promotion buy one free one coinciding with those hours.

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