Introduction McDonald’s originated in the United States and was founded in Essay

1. Introduction McDonald’s originated in the United States and was founded in 1955 by Mr. Ray A. Kroc. At present, there are tens of thousands of McDonald’s restaurants in the world. The total number of restaurants is more than14, 000, and it is increasing year by year. The growth rate is the highest in the foodservice industry.Therefore, Ronald McDonald’s is a symbol of friendship, fun, and peace. It is an international spokesperson for McDonald’s. In addition, he not only plays magic but also cares about children and often brings happiness to children.

Whether, He is a happy, friendly clown, and he is known to children and adults all over the world. Uncle McDonald’s is easy to distinguish. Therefore, he is always dressed as a traditional circus clown, wearing yellow overalls, red and white striped sleeves and socks, ankles with a pair of red shoes, yellow gloves, and a cover. On a red wig.Moreover, McDonald’s is one of the best-known brands worldwide.

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Introduction McDonald’s originated in the United States and was founded in Essay
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Happy hour at McDonald’s, McDonald’s is for you. This is a familiar slogan. No matter how big or small, you can catch up. McDonald’s has been deeply rooted in everyone’s heart. Children, besides knowing that McDonald’s has delicious burgers, French fries, cola, and other products.However, my best friend is a Law Hui Ling. Therefore, she usually likes to go to McDonald. It is because the fast food of the McDonald is very delicious, the prices are cheaper and the food quantity is very larger. When the McDonald will come out of the new food and new set of packages at a discount, while Hui-Ling parent and friend will usually introduce and telling with her about the McDonald’s new information or messages. So, she still usually go there to try new food. Finally, I will be collecting the information and survey from her.2. Reasons for the choice of foods. Therefore, in her first choice, she will be choosing the burger. The burger can make her more easy to the relatively to eat till full or satisfied. Then, he gives the burger size is also served in larger portions. In the McDonald’s has a set of the package, and the price is cheaper. The set of the package in McDonald’s also can relatively easy to attract customers the most of the types are students, parents, and children. In their quality is between in medium in my evaluation. The set of burger and chicken is has variety and the food is tasty. This package is available in a variety of ways to choose from us, such as children’s package, the family of a package and personal package.Thus, her second choice is a Mc Flurry. The Mc Flurry has many selective flavors. For example, Oreo, Lychee and Durian. Whether she always will choose the Lychee is sweet. She feels the I-cream really has lychee flesh and real material inside on there.3. Reasons to complain about the food Secondary, Hui-Ling always in sometimes will complain about the McDonald the fast foods are Nasi Lemak. Actually, McDonald usually has made advertising to introduce its food. Even though, inside the advertising of the foods are not the same as in reality. The food phase is to differences as see in the image is very delicious, but in reality, the food is not delicious. For example, nasi lemak in sometimes have uncooked rice, a side dish of the chicken is also not delicious. Because the chicken was not fresh, a little dry, no taste, and the chicken skin are very soft. Due to the McDonald of drink menu for my friend Hui Ling said the Teh Tarik that is not the same in imagination and the picture with the reality are differences. Then, the staff make the drink food is the Teh Tarik just like the Boh is using tea bags made the tea, then not personality handmade tea. For this nasi lemak made her feel disappointed. 4.Reasons for Satisfaction and or dissatisfaction.Hui Ling said the McDonald has a variety of species diversity. For example, the chicken skin is crisp, the chicken tastes good, the chicken is very delicious and very fresh, it can be made her very satisfy. Whether McDonald for the services is very good and very friendly. For example, the staff of services will ask the customer they need and certain, such as the chicken you need the spicy or no spicy, then the drink will ask you need ice or not need ice. It gives the quantity is relatively large, it can be enough to eat. The environment of the McDonald is comfortable and good well-equipped. However, McDonald’s has used the delivery apps services can let the customer easy in order to deliver the food from them. For example, customer can be using the hand’s phone, mobile phone and computer can download the McDonald delivery apps can let customer easy to use. For instance, an office worker is busy to work not time go out can using these delivery apps to order and it will deliver to their company, have some students have not transportation of the traffic of the car, motorcycle, can go to the restaurant of McDonald can using the delivery apps to help them order the foods, then it will deliver to their house. So, Hui-Ling says the delivery apps are very convenient to let everyone to use it.Therefore, recently of the McDonald have new apps are McDonald’s Self-Service-Kiosk. Besides, these apps also conveniences let the customer using it. It is because the customer not needs to queue or line up and help them ordering in faster and convenience. Another reason is it can choosing their flavour food in themselves, then they no need every day come from here need the staff to help and services them to order the food. Also, these apps can help the customer saving their time, and easier to let them pack the food go back home. 5. Reasons for the perception of the advertisementDue to McDonald’s have done some advertisement and promotion their food. In this advertisement is very attractive the consumer go to the McDonald to buy their foods. For example, it makes the advertising of sound effect very attracts the customer, while it has taken effect and really good quality results. There are special effects its function is also very good. If you eat a piece of chicken, when you bite opinions seem to have the kind of chewy, crunchy taste sensation and sound. In my friend Hui Ling perception view she will think that the McDonald of advertisement photos will not lie, but also the photographed so beautifully. Then, she thinks that it will be more than disappointed hopes. 6. Motivate to purchase the foods.Especially, McDonald usually has the launch of the new menu. Therefore, McDonald has rolled out the new menu for their food such as ice-cream. For example, the new dessert of Mc Flurry of durian, Oreo, green tea matcha, taro, banana, and mango. Usually, my friend Hui Ling is through her friends and parent convey a message will go to buy the food. McDonald’s are often there will be a discount or offer package made available to the consumer a fixed period of time, such as sending a free burger for all customer just like buy one free one by the McDonald food. For instance, download McDonald’s mobile apps, registration account, go to any branch of a McDonald’s fishing, and like a McDonald’s to buy any extra food inside can get an Mc Chicken Burger.7. Influence to purchase for the first time visit.Whether Hui Ling is always her friends and family influence to her go to buy the food. But sometimes you want to eat itself, and go with a group of her friends will eat together. When sometimes, her friends have already tried the new food, there will be very good to eat through their recommendation of those foods. They will ask you to try to eat there and enjoy the new menu. For example, McDonald’s is a good place and it can for us to celebrate birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s day, there are some special day will go there to buy their foods.8. Reasons for fast foods are lots of fats, chemicals and unhealthy for us, do you agree? Why?Hui Ling is agreed for the reason. It is because the McDonald is under fast food, then it cannot eat too much would be bad for our health. Also, it will cause our bodies will also affect other health conditions. Usually, if we eat too much fast food can cause a factor that is likely to be obese and lead us to the symptoms of malnutrition. For example, it will cause the obese problem is fast food have including that it belongs to high-calorie foods, but it also occupies a high-fat ingredient. Therefore, leads us to eat too much will cause the amount of the factors causing obesity. Also, we eat too many fast foods also lead to factors causing malnutrition, such as Coca-Cola drink foods are too sweet if we drink too much will influence the disease caused by the problem of diabetes. Recommendation How to make the company good?In my recommendation, I think that the fast food company can provide more healthy food to the market. It is because fast foods are unhealthy food to us although the taste is quite good. Besides that, McDonald had provided the nutrient food information already, but it also can be an important role in influence entry into the market for all consumers. Therefore, it always improving their product and services a lot. In sometimes the McDonald has limited resources to improve their outlets. The McDonald brand has to promote healthy food, it may consider requiring the support of the Malaysia government. Due to some consumer is important to pay attention to take care of their healthy lifestyle, so they may less than eat the McDonald. It is because most of the McDonald food contains high-fat ingredients and high cholesterol. It will be to cause many people to become fatness, obesity and diabetes problems. So, I think that McDonald can improve in the healthy market just like nutritious beverages and foods, such as fruit juice, vegetarian and make more of the new packages like a fish package.In my suggestion, McDonald is can improve their drink and food menu. It can try to change their taste in their drink thing to reduce than sweet, salt, and greasy. Then, its food is can try to keep its temperature, it still not always let the food do not often become cold and not very tasty. For example, French fries food cannot always maintain the temperature of the food cooling, their water is not too much ice, and then it will become too light. However, the chicken should be cooked, because some customers sometimes eat the chicken will eat unfamiliar with their health is not good. When it also including fried crispy fries have improved, do not often become soft, and it can lead to taste becomes not a very refreshing feeling. Whether the McDonald’s can production of roll out new healthy foods for all consumer to provide and take care of their health. Suddenly, McDonald’s can improve their service within the outlets. For example, drive-thru service, delivery service and take order service. The sometimes, the consumer is overfull within the outlet, the drive-thru for customer people may get a wrong meal, less some food to be given or missing takeaway food. Although sometime it may not be avoided. In the sometimes, the McDonald in their delivery time also will be a delay longer in the situation. Especially, McDonald’s increased the size of outlets and increase the number of employees to reduce the problems. As long as that is because the business volume had become larger and the human population has kept increasing.

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