Introduction In this day and age taking extra care of people’s Essay


In this day and age, taking extra care of people’s own physical attributes is a must for it often leaves impressions to people around them on how they handle themselves.

The importance of maintaining ones’ outer features usually exudes confidence in the way they bear themselves. There are more than one way on how people can take care of their physical appearance, various types of products for specific use can be seen left and right (Roth, 2018). There are products like lip balm which provides a moisture treatment, runs the gamut of conditioning to tinting and even sun protecting (Sephora, n.

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Introduction In this day and age taking extra care of people’s Essay
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Products that can be brought through supermarkets and stores nowadays can be costly and the result of its effectiveness are uncertain. It also uses too many chemicals that sometimes lead to side effects or worsens the condition of the consumers and or buyers.

Due to global warming proliferating throughout the world, people tend to get chapped lips especially in the tropical and subtropical countries.

The lips does not have oil glands that secretes sebum to lubricate and waterproof the skin therefore, using lip moisturizer can help keep the moisture in. (Som, 2017)

Aloe Vera has many benefits, it is used widely in Dermatology. It acts as an anstringent, moisturizer, humidifier and cleanser. It diminishes wrinkles and cures acne, herpes, red spots, psoriasis, eczema, mycosis, fever blisters, skin irritation and provides protection to the skin against pollution. (Manvitha & Bidya, 2014)

Rose petals can also help moisturize skin and can also relieve skin inflammation. Organic roses are suitable for all skin types and offer amazing skin moisturizing properties for dry and sensitive skin. The natural oils in rose petals trap moisture into skin cells, hydrating and moisturizing them. The anti-inflammatory properties in roses soothe skin inflammation including acne inflammation. Applying rose water, rose essential oil, or crushed rose petals to swellings or red skin will provide a soothing and cooling relief. (, n.d.)

This research is intended to provide solution or answer to the problems being addressed. The Aloe Vera is chosen by the researcher as their base for their product as for the reason that it is abundant in the country and can be obtained even by the underprivileged members of the society. The plant is also more harmless than chemical-induced products.

Conceptual Framework

This research would like to validate the effectiveness of the Aloe Vera plant in moisturizing the lips. It would also like to confirm if the condition of the lips would improve after the alternative product has been applied.

This study is based on the pre-established notion that organic products are generally healthier and a more reliable substitute than commercialized product. Since Aloe Vera has acemannan and glucomannan, which are biologically active components of the plant, it promotes moisture and accelerates wound healing properties on the lips. Moreover, the alternative product has the potential to moisturize the skin similar to store-bought products minus the side effects of chemicals in it. Furthermore, the particular plant has also been historically recorded with medicinal properties and was even used by ancient civilizations from Egypt and China.

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