Introduction for Hotel Accomodation Essay

But how do you define best hotel accommodations? Nice facilities with complete amenities? delicious foods? good housekeeping? or excellent services? However, despite our top-notch accommodation, many of us have had at least one holiday ruined by a bad accommodation experience. these are some of the most common complaints people have about booking and staying in accommodation. these are as follows: Hotel Staff that Ignore Patron Complaint;Many hotel patrons complain about bad customer service and staff ignoring their problems.

Unclean Rooms; there have been numerous cases of holiday-goers experiencing filthy accommodation conditions.

Booking Cancellations or No Booking on Arrival;Many would-be-holiday-goers have rocked up to their accommodation only to have the hotel staff tell them that they don’t have a booking under that name.Noisy Rooms or Noisy Neighbors; Some accommodations have very “thin” walls and ceilings and you can hear everything that happens in the rooms above and next to you. Some holidaying neighbours may have screaming kids, have loud parties well into the night and can keep you awake at all hours.

and most hotels lack in facilities and amenities that guest find it unsatisfied.

Furthermore, what shall also be discussed are some of the things you can do to combat accommodation issues.If hotel staff are ignoring your complaints — stand up for your self! Ask to speak to the person in charge and if that doesn’t get you anywhere, threaten to black list their hotel name on many of the accommodation websites that are dedicated to naming and shaming poor accommodation.If your room is dirty, Contact the hotel service desk immediately and by rights they should either hire staff to clean your room right away or put you in a clean apartment.

As such, when making any kind of booking, ensure that you get confirmation that your booking has been placed and bring that documentary evidence with you when you reach your accommodation. Also, consider ringing the hotel staff the day before you arrive, just to make sure everything is ready for your arrival.When dealing with noise related issues, if you don’t feel comfortable in personally confronting your noisy neighbours, take your complaint to the hotel staff and ask them to raise the complaint with the other tenants.

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