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Everything is changing and evolving; from uninventive to innovative, hard-work to a much convenient way of living and this is the fruit of a man’s intellect. As technology continues to advance, computers become closer to everyday life and seen everywhere at work, at school, and at home. In an information system, the digital era is concerned about interrelating diverse however reliant transactions. This can result in a system with a desegregating process that can work a lot quicker and easier than the manual system.

Daily activities either involve the use of or depend on information from a computer. This may be because computers are used in almost every field and profession like education and office works to perform a large number of computer-related work (Agustin, 2016). Technological advancement and innovations are rapidly emerging. Internet access is popular around the world. Almost all of the different activities are being done here. Information empowers the nation in many ways, staying connected is a fundamental need (Navarette, 2016).

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introduction Essay
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Online registration is a common hit nowadays; it is used by many platforms in different fields in many countries and organizations around the world. Online registration is just like registering personally but in an easier way, needed information will be filled up just like what registering normally does. The difference is that it is more accessible to those who can’t go out and register personally.

Online registration system is a problem solver (Darash, 2017), the creation and use of an online registration form, electronic registration form, online registration process, online registration template or digital registration form completed by an individual, group or organization to apply to register for an agency, funding, newsletter, school, college university, service or other types of necessary and vital services and purposes. Thus E-registration processes or forms make registering for a newsletter, college, School University, agency easy and simple to do from a computer, laptop or other types of electronic device that has online internet access (Harmonious, 2017). It is evident that online registration is a trend and used worldwide for different purposes. It is mentioned in the study of Adepoju that most Nigerian institutions have now either completely or partially embraced the use of student online registration system (Adepoju, 2019).

Online registration is a great asset of one organization in collecting data (Hopson, 2013). Online registration can be applied in the registration of Cats and Dogs in various dimensions around the globe. As times have changed, man has begun to appreciate a different bond with animals. According to Frederick the Great of Prussia, “dog is a man’s best friend.” They can bring all types of joy to you and your family; however, owning a pet is a massive responsibility that some people don’t realize. For some people, the idea of welcoming a dog or cat into their home seems like an influx of responsibility and obligation they would rather avoid. But for devoted pet owners, their furry friends are beloved members of the family with whom they share a mutually beneficial relationship. According to the World Health Organization, the Philippines are one of the top 10 countries with rabies problem. At least 1/3 of deaths due to human rabies are among less than 15 years old. An animal bite case has been increasing for the past five years. At least 266,220 individuals in 2010 and 328,459 persons in 2011 were bitten by animals (>areas>rabies). Rabies is included in the neglected tropical disease roadmap of the World Health Organization. As a zoonotic disease, it requires close cross-sectoral coordination at the national, regional and global levels (WHO, 2019). Yet rabies is a vaccine-preventable disease and helps decrease the number of rabies cases around the globe, and to be able to vaccine the dogs and cats it is necessary to register the pet.

Although the country has already an existing law which is the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007 or the Republic Act No. 9482, there are still irresponsible pet owners who disregard their responsibility as stated in Section 5 of the said law. RA 9482 Section 7 states that LGU’s are encouraged to ensure that dogs are properly immunized and registered. To promote and protect the right of the people and in relation to RA 9482, the Municipality of Tagudin enacted Municipal Ordinance No. 4 series of 2012 known as the Anti-Rabies Ordinance of the Municipality of Tagudin, Ilocos Sur. Every pet owner is entitled to register their pets particularly their dogs through filling in the data needed in the form and barangay officials shall monitor all that is registered.

Nowadays, technology is an important aspect of our daily lives. Hence, the researchers conceptualized a faster and easier way of accessing information known as the Dogs and Cats Online Registration. Every pet owner is mandated to register in the system by filling in the information needed. This system is much better than the practice of the municipality which is the manual filling in the form. This online system can easily provide the needed information in a very convenient and accessible way. The necessity to have or to implement an identification and registration system is growing daily (Wismans, 1999). When someone is bitten, you don’t need to browse the tons of papers to check the owner of the dog responsible for that. With the system developed, online registration makes it better and accessible in response to our ever-changing world environment and technology advancement.

The researchers in the coordination of the Tagudin Municipal Agriculture Office proposed to enhance and improve the services rendered to the constituents of Tagudin. The integration of online registration of cats and dogs improves the file management and will help the LGU Tagudin to make it easier and possible for them to register all dogs and cats around Tagudin. Works are done efficiently and effectively, problems are declined and best quality service will be rendered.

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