Interview Questions

Open Ended:

  1. How would you describe your experience with the EOC process?
  2. What can you tell me about the EOCs effectiveness?
  3. What can you tell me about the EOCs effectiveness?
  4. How would you describe the issue of inconsistent EOC grades?
  5. What is your opinion of the EOCs?
  6. In what ways do you think the process could be improved, if any?
  7. What reaction or feedback did you get from students after they took the EOC?


  1. Do you feel the EOCs accurately convey a student’s knowledge of the course material?
  2. Did you receive any complaints from students about the EOC?
  3. Overall was your student’s EOC grades in line with your expectations?

Since it is a semi-structured probing questions will be used along the way such as “You mentioned ________, can you tell me more about this” and “You talked about ___________ , describe that experience in as much detail as possible” or “Can you elaborate on the point you just made”?

Interviews and data. The interviews would be one-on-one and semi-structured.  The semi-structured interviews will allow the researcher to probe the participant for more detailed information as the interview progresses.  The data would be collected using a video recorder.  The recording would be transcribed at a later time so that no information is missed on what the interviewee said and did (non-verbal cues).  The recordings and transcriptions would be stored on a secure server and used for the interview analysis.  NVIVO software will be used for the analysis to assist with finding the themes among the interviewee answers.

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