Interview Date 21032019Duration 1 hourPersons in attendance • Essay

Interview Date: 21/03/2019

Duration: 1 hour

Persons in attendance:

• Saswat Tripathi

• Sagun Rupakheti

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Interview Date 21032019Duration 1 hourPersons in attendance • Essay
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• Utsab Dahal

• Paribhasha Pradhan

• Dijee Tamang Lama

• Saugat Adhikari

• Subodh Timilsina

The detailed interview with Mr. Thomas Smith is presented below with questions and their responses respectively.

Interviewer Question Number Question – Client Response

Saswat 01 How long have you been visiting the zoo?

My first visit was in 2012 i.e.7 years ago.

Saswat 02 How often do you visit the zoo?

I frequent the zoo about 3-4 times a year.

Saswat 03 What are the changes that you have noticed in the zoo?

I have not noticed any major changes except for the addition of new animals in the zoo.

Sometimes, the shelters of the animals were also renovated.

Saswat 04 What do you like about this zoo/ in your view what are the major highlights that you want others to know about?

The major highlight for me about this zoo is the amount of information provided on the animals. The details are abundant and the quality of information is excellent.

I believe the information is very beneficial for studies and research.

Sagun 05 What is your expectation from this website? Would the visitors benefit from the online facilities?

Being a regular visitor of the zoo, I expect the same quality and quantity of information in the website. I also think planning visits ahead of time will be efficient for other visitors as well.

Sagun 06 What are your experiences regarding the ticketing and queues?

I have had quite a few bad experiences with ticketing. I had to queue for a long time to buy my ticket during weekend when it is specially crowded.

Paribhasha 07 Have you faced any difficulty in locating the different areas of the zoo?

Yes, I had indeed faced difficulty locating the animals’ whereabouts the first time as there was no kiosk system and the map was only placed at the entrance of the zoo. I think many new visitors go through the same.

Paribhasha 08 Would you refer to the maps on our website if we were to feature it?

Yes, I think I will be using maps for navigation and believe many others would as well. They will have an idea about the different section of the zoo and where different animals are located prior to their visit.

Paribhasha 09 If we were to incorporate a virtual tour or live cams or blogs, what would be your reaction?

Incorporating a virtual tour might be beneficial to the zoo. The website visitors can have real time experience without visiting the zoo itself.

Sagun 10 What are the benefits of membership that you have experienced firsthand and want others to know about?

I have not experienced the benefit of membership except for some occasional discounts.

Utsab 11 How comfortable are you using online payment?

I am comfortable using online payment services but the method of payment must be secure and my details must be confidential.

Dijee 12 Have you ever visited website of other zoos’?

No, I have never visited the website of other zoos or been in there in person because for the past 7 years, I have been a regular customer of Claybrook Zoo and my experiences have been good so far.

Utsab 13 What are your thoughts on kiosk system?

Regarding kiosk system, if it features collective information about the animals and different section of the zoo, then it will be easier for us visitor.

Dijee 13 Would you like to suggest something other than this that would be beneficial?

As I have already mentioned, I would prefer if there is no compromise on the information of animal and birds. However, if you are to incorporate kiosk technology it would be more beneficial. I also want the website to be highly interactive and user-friendly. I would also suggest adding a feedback section for the visitors on your site.

? Interview Title: Interview Senior Administrator of Claybrook Zoo – Mr. Jonathan Rodgers

Interview Date: 21/03/2019

Duration: 1 hour

Persons in attendance:

• Saswat Tripathi

• Sagun Rupakheti

• Utsab Dahal

• Paribhasha Pradhan

• Dijee Tamang Lama

• Saugat Adhikari

• Subodh Timilsina

The detailed interview with Mr. Jonathan Rodgers is presented below with questions and their responses respectively.

Interviewer Question Number Question – Client Response

Saswat 01 How long have you been running the sponsorship scheme?

We have been running it for the past 12 years from the year 2007.

Saswat 02 How has the sponsorship scheme progressed over the years?

There is decline in numbers of our sponsors for past few years. In 2017, we had around 859 sponsors but this year i.e. in 2019 we have 715 sponsors only.

Saswat 03 How can anyone become a sponsor?

To become a sponsor, they will have to come to our office and fill up a form along with the animal sponsorship agreement form. The form contains the information about the animal they are to sponsor along with the duration of sponsorship

Once the sponsorship is confirmed, they will receive their conformation via SMS or e-mail.

Saswat 04 What are the various schemes you provide?

We provide 4 sponsorship scheme based on the period of agreement. The period ranges are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. The period of agreement can also be extended after the approval of the owner according to the rules and regulation.

Sagun 05 Is there any restriction on the number of animals to be sponsored?

No, there is no restriction on the number of animals. However, they can only sponsor one species from the same family.

Utsab 06 What are the benefits of becoming a sponsor?

There are lots of benefits of becoming a sponsor. Firstly, the entrance is free of charge and they also get a discount of 7% discount on every facilities provided by our zoo. A certain portion of the signage is also allocated according to the amount of donation and the name of sponsor is displayed on our entrance board. Further, they can also discuss business strategy beneficial to both parties.

Paribhasha 07 How do you usually publicize the sponsors?

They are publicized based on the amount the y donate or sponsor. For example: if the donate around ?1000 we display their name on our entrance board and if they donate ?3000 or more they are also advertised along our advertisement which can either be flyers or video credit. We also offer signage area based on the amount of donation. For the website, we would also like the list of donation to be publicized.

Paribhasha 08 How long does the publication last for?

It usually starts from March to February.

Paribhasha 09 What methods are you using to promote the zoo as well as your sponsors?

Till date, we have been promoting via our newsletter that is published every 3 months along with advertisement on television and on radio. I believe after the completion of our website, it will also help to promote us on the digital market.

Sagun 10 Do you also offer volunteering services?

Yes, we do offer volunteering service. However, they need to get training for 1-2 month prior as there have been previous cases of animal attack.

Sagun 11 How can they apply for volunteering?

They can come to the office and communicate with the team for volunteering and other services.

Dijee 12 What are the challenges that you have faced while running the sponsorship scheme?

As the file management is completely paper based, there have been many cases where the information has been lost due to misplacement, physical damage and fire hazard. In former cases, due to the carelessness of the staff, some of the sponsors have also left. The management of the data and information is one of the major challenges that we are facing.

Dijee 13 Have you faced any problems regarding attracting sponsor?

Yes, we have been facing difficulties in attracting sponsor. Not only less number of sponsors is interested but the existing number of sponsor is reducing as well. It either may be due to their loss of interest toward our zoo or our effort in promoting our zoo is not on par with others.

Utsab 14 Do you also have rejection criteria for the sponsors?

We do not have particular rejection criteria for the sponsors however they can be denied if the animal they want to sponsor is unavailable. In this situation, they can either choose to sponsor another animal or they can request our staffs for the animal availability near future.

After their decision, we do conduct a background investigation on the client with the aid of an expert team. If they qualify, they will be given a sponsorship account which cannot be modified.

? Interview Title: Interview with Potential Sponsorship Client – Mr. Phillip Brown

Interview Date: 21/03/2019

Duration: 30 minutes

Persons in attendance:

• Saswat Tripathi

• Sagun Rupakheti

• Utsab Dahal

• Paribhasha Pradhan

• Dijee Tamang Lama

• Saugat Adhikari

• Subodh Timilsina

The detailed interview with Mr. Phillip Brown is presented below with questions and their responses respectively.

Interviewer Question Number Question – Client Response

Saswat 01 Tell us something about your company and how long have you been a sponsor for?

My company deals with glasses and their types. We have been sponsoring the animals of Claybrook Zoo for the past 5 years and till date we are satisfied with their services.

Sagun 02 What attracted you towards the sponsorship scheme?

During one of my visitation, I discovered the sponsorship scheme offered by Clay brook Zoo. As a business man, we had been looking for a platform to promote our products. As Claybrook Zoo is one of the famous zoos, they have visitor everyday and we figured it would be a good investment along with a good deed. So, we decided to sponsor their animal.

Saswat 03 How well do you think the sponsors advertisement act for your benefit?

Regarding the effectiveness of the sponsor advertisement, my company has profited by around 5%-10%

Sagun 04 How comfortable would online payment for sponsoring animals be?

Online payment for sponsoring animal is a very good idea. We have been paying via check till date which is very time consuming. Sometimes, it is not convenient to go and pay in person. So, forms of online payment will be much appreciated.

Paribhasha 05 Would you want your name / the company’s name to be portrayed?

Yes, of course we would love for our name to be displayed on the website. We have around 10% of platform to promote ourselves in Claybrook advertisement board including the signage and paper based. And in the age where digital marketing is rapidly developing, we would be more than satisfied to have our company name and product to be displayed. If product display is difficult to achieve, then we would also appreciate you posting a link to our website.

Utsab 06 What is your opinion on the ongoing advertisement so far?

Although we have benefitted a lot but I feel there are a lot of aspects that can further improve. For example: presently in Claybrook Zoo, the number of billboards is limited and is located at a particular place only. Also, the concept of banners and billboard is very old school. Incorporating videos or short clip would be attractive instead.

Utsab 07 Do you have any suggestion for improving the advertisement?

I think after the introduction of website, the advertisement would improve automatically as it enters digital market.

Utsab 08 What do you think is lacking to attract more sponsors?

I believe the sponsorship scheme of Claybrook Zoo is not clear and many people are also unaware about it along with the benefits. The sponsorship should also not be limited to an individual animal. Many would want to sponsor many animals but have fewer budgets or would simply want to donate for the zoo.

Dijee 09 Would you want to give any feedbacks or words of encouragement so that other people are encouraged to sponsor or contribute too?

There are many animals in Claybrook Zoo that have few or no sponsors at all. Though we are sponsoring 2 endangered animals with ?2500 each but unfortunately, it is not possible for us to provide for all the animals. For the preservation of our wildlife and environment, others should also sponsor those innocent animals as not only we are promoted but we are doing a great deed.

Dijee 10 Would you like to add anything else?

Although I am uncertain about the demands of your client, we would appreciate if you could include a feature for us sponsors to update our information ourselves.

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