International Year One-Engineering and Computing

You have to create a GUI application to find about someone’s nature based on his horoscope (star).

There are 12 stars such as Aries, Cancer, Taurus, etc. Each of these star are associated to people born

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International Year One-Engineering and Computing
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within a specific date range. You can get the details of these stars with date range on internet. In the

application, the user should be able to provide his day [date] and month of birth. The system then

automatically gives us outcome in the form of his ‘star name’ and some description about that star.

You can get the star information from internet.

Outlook of Application: The application should have two input text boxes to input day and month.

Whilst, two output text boxes; one gives the name of star and the other provides the star description.

There should be a button with caption “Find Horoscope”, by clicking which, the system generates


Task 2: [30 Marks]

You have done some practice in class about how to create a calculator GUI application with basic

operations. This time you have to extend the calculator with some more operations. You have to

create a GUI based calculator with numbers 0-9 and operations, addition [+], subtraction [-], division

[÷], and multiplication [x]. Additionally, there should be three buttons with names ‘M+’, ‘MR’, and ‘C’.

The function of M+ button on calculator is to save the value in a variable which is displayed on the

screen. The function of MR Button is to display the value of the variable on screen which is previously

saved in using M+ button. The function of C button is to clear the screen. All functions must be in

working condition. To see the working on a standard calculator, you can use the window based

calculator of your computer.

Task 3: [40 Marks]

You have to develop a GUI based application for TESCO shopping. The application provides options

to the customer to buy items A, B, C, D, and E. Each item has a fixed price [set by yourself], and

points [set by yourself] to be given to customer upon purchase of item. The customer can shop as

many items as he wants. The customer should be able to provide his previously earned points. When

customer finishes shopping, the system calculates total amount of money to be paid by customer

after giving the discount on shopping based on the total points earned. The rules to give discount on

points is given as:

1000-2000 Points = £ 1 discount

2001-3000 Points = £ 2 discount

3001-4000 Points = £ 3 discount

4001-5000 Points = £ 4 discount

Above 5001 Points, the discount is 10% of the total amount of shopping.

The system should ask the customer to tell if he/she is a TESCO employee. The TESCO employees are

provided by 5% extra discount other than the discount he/she got based on points earned.


Important Notes:

  1. Submit your work before or by the deadline, i.e. 13


June. 10% of your marks will be

deducted if submitted on the next day of deadline, i.e. 14


June. No Submission is allowed

after 14



  1. You have to submit a hard copy of your code to admin with your name, course name, and

registration number on the first page of the hardcopy.

  1. You also have to send a complete soft copy of your code to email address . The subject of your email should be in this format “Your-Name,

C&E, Your-Registration-Number”. Make sure you send all files of your program.

  1. Give meaningful names to your files. For example, ‘Task2_Calculator’, etc.
  2. Your work must be original. If any two coursework found significantly similar, both of them

will be given with zero marks.

  1. You might be asked to demonstrate your coursework during marking phase.

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