International Expansion Report and Presentation

You have been asked by the CEO of a major Australian Bank to
advise them on their strategy formulation for International
The company has developed a reputable brand in the Australian
and New Zealand markets and is now looking for suitable
acquisitions and strategic partnerships in foreign markets in
order to grow their business.
The markets that they are currently assessing for entry are
France, Brazil and Korea.
You are required to assess the attractiveness of each market and
put forward recommendations for future action.

Your report must include formal title page. Ideally the report will be presented in
Arial 12pt font with 1.5 lines spacing.

Students must also show adequate evidence of additional
research with at least 15 – 20 academic reference sources
Assessment Criteria
• Report structure, written presentation and excellence
(3 marks)
• Application of Knowledge and course concepts
(3 marks)
• Analytic and research skills shown (8 marks). Made up of:
• Understanding the differences in the structure of each market
• Estimation of potential size and profitability of each market
• Analysis of potential problems in selling to and supporting each market
• Analysis of future developments
• Consideration of foreign exchange and trade implications
• Consideration of cultural aspects impacting entry
• Conclusion, recommendation and strength of overall arguments (3 marks)
• Quality of research and referencing (3 marks

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