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The quotes needs to be selected from the two articles that I previously send

Write a few sentences (about 100 words) integrating a quote from any of the articles that you will be using in your paper. Be sure to connect your quote to the rest of your sentences. You can do this via signal phrases (“Smith argues” OR “According to Smith,” etc) or by integrating your quote as it grammatically fits into your sentence. Document your quote by using the APA in-text citation guidelines you have studied in this lesson.

When you are done posting your response, reply to at least one classmate in no fewer than 75 words. Comment on how effectively they have integrated a quote.

Your discussion post will be graded according to the following criteria:

Respond to this classmate

Nuclear energy is one form applicable in various industrial processes. Though faced with societal fears, users of nuclear energy consider it as one of the cheapest energy sources. For instance, a country like China has in the recent past formulated mechanisms of tapping this. This country has constructed 30 reactors to enhance that process. In addition to this, Ashok and colleagues state ’20 more are under construction’. This indicates the depth of needs that this energy is designed to satisfy. With nuclear energy associated with the capacity to generate some of the greenhouse gases, more exploitation of this is desired by any country rich in it. Furthermore, countries using it are experiencing reductions in the rate of global warming. The only problem arising from the use of this energy form is destructive cases (Ashok et al, 2017).

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