INTD 4009 Submission 2 Essay

Course: INTD4009 – Senior Level Thesis Project 1

Professor: Dr. Marilyn Teitelbaum

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Assignment 2: Submission 2

Given: Week 3

Due: Week 5

Evaluation: 5 % of total grade

Work Progress Plan

Student Name : Ekaterina Popova

Class : ONA

ASSESSMENT RANKING : C- complete, S – satisfactory, I -incomplete, U- unsatisfactory

World View :

As a student and an employee, I used to work in open -plan office environment where interior

design doesn’t support human wellbeing most of the time.

Typology :

Corporate Office

Client :

CSI: Center for Social Innovation

Users :

Primary: members, Board, DECAs segment (volunteers who work there for 6 months), Staff

Secondary: visitors

Central Question : State in ONE sentence.

How can interior design improve the wellbeing of workers in existing open plan office

conditions , especially for people w ith ADHD?

Hypothesis : State in not more than TWO sentences .

Open office plan is not always a great idea and is not working great towards the well -being

of users.

Data Collection PART #1 – Refer to Chapter 3 of your outline: List the methods proposed to

collect data. HOW and FROM WHOM.

Here is the list of methods used to collect data and then test my hypothesis :


• Interviews

• Questionnaires

• Observation s

• Recording user’s behavior or Behavioral mapping

• Field notes (observation & documents)

• CSI’s site tours: client have three locations

• Case studies

Course: INTD4009 – Senior Level Thesis Project 1

Professor: Dr. Marilyn Teitelbaum

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Client and users

Data Collection PART #2 – Refer to Chapter 4 of your outline : List the methods used to collect

data about your building and surrounding neighbourhood .

• Literature and archival review (historic)

• Public records (zoning, neighbourhood statistical records, publication studies)

• Materials (Architectural research)

• Participant observation

• Building site mea sure and documentation field evaluation and study

• Building photographic sessions


Client’s objectives for the potential project

1. Can you please tell me about your organization?

2. What is your mission statement?

Existing conditions

3. How many people the client has in each work position?

4. How much space is required for each person in each position?

5. Do you have enough storage at your desk?

User needs, values

6. How many people use this space? What are their positions?

7. What t ypes of activities do you have in the space?

8. What types of furniture you use? What kind of equipment do you need?

Current and future plans – growth projections (Nussbaumer, 2009)

9. What the client projections for future (increased growth or downsizing/reduction in size)?

10. Do you like the space you are working in and if you don’t what would you change in it?

Surv ey

Course: INTD4009 – Senior Level Thesis Project 1

Professor: Dr. Marilyn Teitelbaum

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Answer the questions below thinking about your experience in office. Use for your answer:

1. Your role:

Member Board Volunteer Staff

2. Gender:

Female Male Trans Prefer not to say None of those

3. How long are you with CSI? ( How long you work in this office? )

Less than six months More than six months

0 -10 rating scale answers

4. Rate how much you like your current work environment? (from 0 to 10 = love it)

5. How much do you like work in offices in general? (from 0 to 10 = love it)

6. How satisfied are you with you’re the amount of privacy you have at your personal

desk? (10 = very satisfied)

7. How high is your level of distraction while you are at office? (10 = extremely distracted)

8. How satisfied are you with the lighting conditions? (10 = very satisfied)

9. How satisfied are you with thermal control? (10 = very satisfied)

10. How important the aesthetics of the space are for you? (10 = very important)

Open ended questions

1. How has the new office impacted your work or your collegial relationships?

2. How does the open – plan office design impact your productivity?

3. What aspects of the open plan facility you especially like?

4. What aspects of the office space or facilities d o you dislike?

5. If you could alter any aspects of your office space what would they be? (you may say

N/A if you have nothing to add)

Course: INTD4009 – Senior Level Thesis Project 1

Professor: Dr. Marilyn Teitelbaum

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(Morrison & Smollan, 2019)


Morrison, R. L., & Smollan, R. K. (2019). Open plan office space? If you going to do it, do it right:

A fourteen -monthlongitudinal case study. Applied Ergonomics , 1-18.

Nussbaumer, L. L. (2009). Methods of Data Collection. In L. L. Nussbaumer, Evidence-Based

Design for Interior Designers (pp. 39 -53). Fairchild Books.


Your Grade /5%


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