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Course Code and Name LSS 2403 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Faculty Name Project Title Personal Business Plan

Due Date 30-4-2019

Student Name Wasayef saeed alhafri Student ID (s) H00329540 Section This assessment will address the following Learning outcomes:

CLO 1- Gain the knowledge to articulate the difference between design thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and possess a shared vocabulary for the process elements of each.

CLO 2- Examine the importance of entrepreneurial ecosystems and innovation clusters to healthy society and economies.

CLO 3- Demonstrate skills for formation of effective teams and practices for team culture development that respect diversity.

CLO 4- Differentiate between an idea and a viable opportunity.

CLO 5- Demonstrate the understanding of basic practices to support scaling, organizational innovation, and change management to benefit organizations and society.

CLO 6- Explain how to connect design thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship to their own career development and paths.

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For Examiner’s Use Only

Section number TOTAL

Marks Available 100

Marks Earned 1124585127000050025305080000Marker Name Date

After I graduate from HCT and get a bachelor’s in electrical engineering, I will begin to achieve three goals which are:-

The first one is to start a small business for an Event photographer on 2029.

The second goal is to work in Dubai municipality as an environmental engineer on 2024.

The third goal is to take a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Khalifa University on 2023.

My purpose: to be an active person in UAE society, being an autonomous person and serve my country.

My vision: is to leave a good impression of myself among the people and to be a better person

My mission: is to develop the renewable energy sector and raise awareness among people about environmental conservation.

The Three keys questions that guide my choice:

What kind of job do I love?

I like Environmental engineer because I want to raise awareness among people about the environment, being an active part in improving the society, protect the environment and natural sources.

What is my ambition?

To reach a stage where people can understand the importance environment by my job and I want to raise awareness among people about the environment, being an active part in improving society.

How could I make my family and country proud of me?

 By being a successful person and do something that serves my country that will keep my family proud of me.

How to be qualified in obtaining a scholarship:-

I should gain at least GPA 3 from Bachelor program and score in IELTS 6.5 or 7, successes in doing all they require exams.

The opportunity that I could have it, after finishing my master’s degree likes

Work as a Green Building Engineer in Dubai municipality.(1)

Get a master in Renewable Energy Engineering from the National Research University in Russia.(2)

Work as an electrical engineer in China State Construction Corporation in Dubai.(3)

Positioning statement: –

My name is Wasayef Saeed, I am a student in Higher Colleges of Technology. My specialty is power engineering. In addition, I learned from my major how to arrive my target by hard-working and Challenge and insistence to overcome difficulties and how to organize time as an engineer also I am ambition student; I have a strong desire to learn new things, improve my skills and take part in developing my country. I got an Appreciation Certificate from design thinking course because of my project also my GPA is good

There are some external factors could affect my success for example:-

lack of confidence

lack of skills

Depending on others

To minimize the risks:

I should do a lot of volunteering

Presentation in the classes to overcome the low self-confidence.

Participation in summer training to be an independent person and attending a workshop to improve my skills.

As a student in SWC, I practice ethical principle in my daily life likes:-

Not cheating at exams.

Respect my teachers.

Respect my classmates.

Being honest, polite and fair in dealing with others.

I consider my mom, my younger sister Aisha and my friend Afra as mentors. For many reason which are:-

Firstly, I chose my mom because she always encourages me to do my best and shares her experience in life with me to learn from it to be a better person.

Secondly, I Chose my younger sister Aisha because she is an hopeful, person and I usually discuss with her about anything regarding to my life to know her opinion.

Lastly, my friend Afra is an excellent student, intelligent, sometimes help me doing my tasks and gave me some advice for successes in college.

To conclude, I consider myself an environmental engineer, hardworking student, and responsible citizen, ambitious, successful, Loyal.

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