Information Technology in An Organization

Write a paper that must be at least 10 pages in length.  This does include the APA formatted cover page or the references (MUST: Use the APA Template).  There must be at least 6 APA references to support the findings in the submission.

Discuss the major components required in the operational efficiency plan:

  • Business Plan
    • How will you obtain funds for the project?  (are you asking for funds or obtaining from another source)
    • How many funds are required to start?
    • What is the timeframe to launch?
    • Resource requirements
      • Hardware
      • Software
      • Other support IT to get the systems up and running (networking, database, etc…)
      • People
      • Equipment
      • Office Space
      • Etc…

Information Technology in An Organization 1

  • Key concepts to address to ensure the organization is running efficiently
    • Organizational Learning Concepts and Theories
    • Integration of IT Resources
    • Virtual Teams? Local Teams?  Why?
    • Ethical and Legal Implications
    • Cyber Security and Privacy of Information
      • What do you have to account for?  (managing data or credit card information?)
    • Best Practices that you are going to implement in your organization and why
  • Summary and Next Steps


We have taken reference from solo electric cars

Rference link :

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