Information Systems

Work required to complete Part A:
– Ergonomics
– Occupational Health & Safety
– you need to add description and analysis for every department and position in Sundance
– appropriate recommendations must be made and connected to the analysis of the positions and the departments
– include a Briefing Paper
– record and list all references: the places from where you got the information

Work Required to complete Part B:
– all items included in the recommendations of Part A must appear in the price list. No item should appear in the price list that is not in the recommendations
– the budget template must be followed. Every department and position must be included
– cell-referencing and excel calculations must be used
– three budget summaries, with graphs, must be included
– the budget is only 150 000 Australian dollars

Work Required to complete Part C:
– the Part C template must be followed
– design a proper cover page
– use MS Word’s page numbering and table of contents utilitie to number the pages and create a table of content
– write proper Executive Summary and Introduction
– Findings, analysis and recommendations should be copied from Part A and then structured to fit into Part C’s template
– Make no additional recommendations
– write a proper conclusion

Notice: Part A 10 pages, Part C 13 pages.

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