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INFO 6250
Midterm Exam (Summer 2020)


All of the page numbers refer to the Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, 16e and 15e. You must choose either the 16e or 15e, based upon the book you purchased. Answer all of the case questions associated with each case. Place your name and student number at the top of the first page. Place the following statement under your name: “I have worked on this exam independently and have not given nor received help from anyone.”

Format the answers as Times New Roman, 10 pt. Single Spaced, number all of the pages. Start each Chapter on a separate page by entering inserting a page break. Please write out each case question as a sub-heading, underline it and answer the question. Insert page number at the bottom right of each page. Leave a blank line between questions. Turn in exams prior to Sunday, June 28, 11:59 pm in both a Word and PDF file using the file format: lastname- midterm.docx.

Information Resource Management Assignment | Homework Help Websites 1


Chapter 2:
16e: Social Business (p.74) Information Systems 15e: Social Business (p.74) Information Systems
Chapter 3:
16e: Smart Products (p.102). Internet of Things 15e: Smart Products (p.102). Internet of Things
Chapter 4:
16e: Facebook (p.157). Privacy
15e: Facebook (p.157). Privacy
Chapter 5:
16e: BYOD (p.206). Computing for Employees 15e: BYOD (p.206). Computing for Employees
Chapter 6:
16e: How Reliable is Big Data (p.246). Analyzing Data 15e: Can We Trust Big Data (p.244) Analyzing Data
Chapter 7:
16e: Monitoring Employees (p.270). Unethical? 15e: Monitoring Employees (p.268). Unethical?
Chapter 8:
16e: Equifax (p.333). Data Breach
15e: US Post Office (p.330). Data Breach

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