Individual Research Paper Essay

Each student will prepare a research paper based on an aspect of their group case. This could include research into the company, the industry, the macro-environmental issues facing the company or industry, etc.

The case report should be typed in Times New Roman, 12pt font with 1-inch margins. The paper should not exceed 10 pages double spaced (this does not include the cover page, table of contents, executive summary, appendices, or bibliography). A shorter paper is acceptable as long as the topic is dealt with sufficiently.

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Individual Research Paper Essay
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Please include:

1) A cover page with the title of the paper, your name, student number, and the course number.

2) Include a table of contents

3) Use headings to address the different parts of the paper: a. Introduction: Provide an overview of the topic you have chosen. This should include the title of your case and the specific area you want to examine. b. Main findings: (you can use other headings as necessary depending on your paper.) c. Conclusion: Summarize your main discoveries.

4) Include a Reference page that includes all the sources you used in creating your paper.

The paper is worth 15% towards your final grade and will be marked based on the following:

1) Overall presentation (i.e., the cover page, page numbers, headings, clarity of grammar, references page, etc.) 3 marks.

2) Contents (the quality of the research and the discoveries you made about the topic). 10 marks.

3) The quality of the sources you used to conduct the research. 2 marks.

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