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Individual Presentation – Business Article (15%): Each individual student will select a recent (published in the previous 6 months) business article from a leading news source or business journal that relates to business and society. Presentations should include: a) the main ideas in the article, b) how this article relates to what you have learned in this class, and c) what you believe is the main “take-away” from this article. If possible, please try to select an article that “ties in” to the day’s topic – e.g., if we are studying Ethics and Ethical Reasoning that class period, select an article that relates to business ethics. Your presentation should be approximately five to ten minutes long and you should encourage class discussion with one or two follow-up questions. Presentation dates are listed in section VII. Course Outline below.

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I will use the following grading rubric for your reports: Analysis (40%). Relating the article’s topics to concepts in our course; doing additional research as required to supplement the information in the article; drawing conclusions based on your growing knowledge of business and society. Some examples: • If you are reporting on one company in an industry, what are other companies in the industry doing? Can you summarize this information on a chart? • If we recently discussed stakeholder analysis and stakeholder mapping, does your article lend itself to any analysis based on these tools? Article Facts (30%). Appropriateness of article, and accurate reporting on facts in the article. Additional research might be necessary for you to thoroughly understand your topic. Presentation Quality (30%). Evidence of your preparation and rehearsal of presentation; use of PowerPoint slides, charts, graphs, props or other visuals as appropriate. Handling of Question and Answer period following your presentation. • Can you put any of the information in the article into a useful graph or chart? • Can you summarize the main points in a PowerPoint slide? • If you are talking about a new product that a company is announcing, can you find a picture of it?

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