Independence: Thought and Teenager Essay

There is nothing more important than gaining independence to a teenager. Me, just like every other teenager couldn’t wait until I turned 16 so I could gain independence. What I didn’t understand was that the mistakes I had made in the past would prevent my parents from giving me the freedom and independence I deserved. The mistakes I had made in the past stopped my parents from giving me the permission to drive by myself when I got my license.

I turned 16 on January 2, 2013 and got my license on January 5, 2013. Just like everyone other teenager I couldn’t wait to drive by myself and be independent until my parents told me I have to wait two months and gain their trust. I was upset more than ever. I didn’t know how to face my peer and tell them because of the mistakes I have made in the past, I have to wait two months until I can drive independently.

Matter of fact, I got in trouble the day after my birthday, all because I decided to do something very foolish out of anger I had towards my parents which just got brought me more suffering. I personally think the older I get, the more mistakes I make. I’m positive I’m not the only teenager who goes through this phase. A couple of days later, I understood I had to pay the consequences for my foolishness and mistakes. This smart thought only lasted until two days ago when I got in trouble again all because of a misunderstanding between my parents and me. This time it was my parents’ fault.

I believe that teenagers aren’t always wrong or doing something wrong. Some times it can be the parent/guardians fault as well. My parents and I have learned the stricter parents are, the more your child will go behind your back and do wrong things. Sometimes parents have to loosen up and talk to their children. Parents have to understand their child’s thoughts and change themselves according to the changing culture.

Teenagers and children hide things and thoughts from their parents because they think they’ll get in trouble for sharing their thoughts. This is not true. Ever since I became “friends” with my parents, I’ve gained their trust, independence and found it easier to talk to them about everything. Teenagers, including myself mostly think of their parents as their enemy just because they try to protect you from the evil around you. I wish I understood this awhile back so I wouldn’t have misled my parents, did things behind their back and gotten in so much trouble.

I most likely would’ve gained independence the day I turned 16. Yes my parents are a little over-protective and stricter than some parents but what I wasn’t able to see is that they have always protected me and prevented me from getting harmed. But neither can I blame myself for wanting independence nor I blame my parents for being protective.

I have realized and learned a lot from this event that I thought was so horrible and life ending. But speaking out of all honestly, I needed this to recognize the difference between right and wrong. My family and I needed this to better understand each other. If I gained independence right when I turned 16, I would have never shared my thoughts with my parents and I would’ve continued to do go on the wrong path. I’ve also realized there is more to life when you turn 16 then just gaining independence. With freedom comes more responsibility.

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