INDAGINE SURVEYORS (IND) – Fictitious case study scenario

Submission Requirements and Report Structure You must submit online via Blackboard a maximum of three (3) files: 1. A completed FBL cover page: (please type your name for the signature) 2. One (1) Excel Spreadsheet file created for Task A & B, containing your pivot tables, graphs and all formulas 3. Microsoft Word file containing your business report (with academic references) of 2000-2500 words in the following Report Structure:  A· An executive summary (not included in word count) ·  Body of· Introduction ·Table of contents (not included in word count)   Responses to the queries in Task C with§the report must include:   One (1) Pivot chart/graph representing the§in-text references   Three (3) forecast graphs representing the§requirements in Task A  requirements in Task B  Conclusions and overall recommendations· · Reference List (not included in word count)- Minimum of five (5)  You must ensure this is not a Bibliography and that you useØreferences  the Swinburne Harvard Referencing style throughout your report. You can access the correct style from the library: (  Pages of the· Appendix (if needed) (not included in word count) · report should have appropriate headers and footers and should include printed page numbers. Your name and student ID should be visible on every page e.g. in the footer.
NOTE: File names must be in the following format: ‘Lastname_Firstname_Assess3’ (where Lastname Firstname is YOUR name e.g. Smith_John_Assess3)
Please refer to the last page of this document for the marking criteria for this assessment.
Late Submissions – Unless an extension has been approved, a submission after the due date will be penalised 10% of the assessments worth for each calendar day the assessment is late up to a maximum of 5 days. After 5 days a zero result will be recorded. Any request for extension must be directed to the convener via email and must include appropriate supporting documentation such as a doctor’s certificate or a letter from your employer.

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