In this distinction essayi will be overviewing and explaining Essay

In this distinction essay,i will be overviewing and explaining the impact discipline in the public services has on the public, and on the uniform service itself. I will start by looking at the positive effects discipline has in the uniform services, and also the negative effects having no discipline on the uniform services.In the uk to date we rely on the army,paramedic,fire and police services etc to keep the public, and the country safe.As of the duties performed by our uniformed services,we as the public look for certain standards of care and treatment not just for the public but the job,so discipline is a key role in keeping the uniformed services in order.

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In this distinction essayi will be overviewing and explaining Essay
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Discipline can have a dramatic positive impact in the uniform services.self disciple is a massive advantage to the job.mental ability,self discipline allows you to establish inner strength,enhances mental stability in tough or stressful situations.This ability of self discipline can help in problem solving,like a firefighter figuring out a strategy if a building where to catch fire, or a paramedic treating a victim without the correct equiptment.

In the army we see powerful hierarchy members like major or a field marsh(only used in war time) command and discipline the lower hierarchy, eg.privates.Discipline is commonly applied in the army to regulate the unauthorised actions of the soldiers to a minimum,this strategy of discipline helps in abiding instructions,which also reduces injury, accidents or casualties.A example of the correct use of discipline is,where during the Afghanistan war a patrol officer accidentally fired off his gun.This was seen as a clear violation of trigger discipline,where the finger must be clearly away from the trigger,so he was disciplined by job termination due to mistreatment and danger of a controlled weapon.Due to this incident there are now stricter discipline ,so less accidents are likely to occur. Other advantages of discipline in the public services is state of order,subordination and improvement of teamwork,and performing duties correctly,ensure compliance to orders among individuals and groups, create and maintain cohesion in uniform public services,and to improve a variety of individual and team skills and discipline.Using discipline as a punishment and reward has proven to work upon the army,police,ambulance and fire services.Discipline in punishment allows the offender to understand in the best possible way of what punishment will be applied,if actions like insubordinations is committed again.Discipline can be also rewarding in a sense of seeing corrections and improvements to the actions of the person being rewarded.Rewarding good discipline can also help the rewardies self discipline,this can improve mental capabilities and also set standards for the other uniform service members.Setting good standards for the pubic also lowers the risk of a lawsuit.Discipline for service uniform is in order to keep a standard and correct dress code.Discipline is also highly remarked around cleanliness and uniform,due to the need to be seen as reliable and seen in a state ready to work for your specific uniform service,disciplinary action can also be used in a variety of ways if dress standards aren’t meet.

Disciple can also cause more harm than good,as their are two types of negative effects,using discipline negatively,meaning the discipline is to harsh or unreasonable, or negative effects due to not using discipline.Studies have proven the triverse effects of incorrect use of discipline in the services,mostly affecting the army,statistics say between 7-8 percent of recruits drop out in the first month, due to psychological pressures from higher ranking officers,this is a good example of discipline being too harsh and grueling for a minority of recruits.Discipline in the police is not as gruelin as the army due to the risk not being so dire,but still give expectation to follow strict instructions not only on patrol but also in the office and other parts of the job,so recruits can also drop out not just due to the discipline but the job being to much.For the fire service and other special units like bomb disposal, need to follow strict instructions to keep themselves,colleagues and the civilians involved safe.due to the extremely forced discipline given to new recruits and others in the special service,evidence and interviews have said it’s down to many people not able to take the disciplinary abuse from the hierarchy above.Recruits in the fire service and the British army,naval and air unit said there’s too much psychological pressure on them a disciplinary action is to tough for the menatly weekend candidates.This treatment is linked to pressure of the job causing mistakes and misconduct which applies more strain on to the candidate,which menatly breaks and humiliates them, which can bee seen to others as mistreatment or bullying on a disciplinary level,as helping correct the actions of the recruit or candidate in a less harsh way isn’t a option.This shows that there should be a drastic change made to disciplinary action if the government wants more people to try out for the uniform public services.There are also misconduct linked to a lack of discipline or no discipline at all.When recruitment period starts,in all the services you will be tested to your full capability,this shows weak spots in a person’s self discipline,a lack of discipline highers the rate of different types of health and safety,endangerment,inappropriate work behavior misconducts.Due to some mistakes and lack of discipline falling through the cracks of the uniform services,misconducts are likely to happen.Linking back to the accidetal shot from a patrol office in Afghanistan,this had proven that discipline on gun rules wasn’t full acquired so misconduct was inevitable.This goes the same for the police units like k9,bomb dispolal,armed and counter terrorism etc.Where safety is dire,a non dicipline officer will be likely in a accident to be in place for a lawsuit,due to her or his actions,a lawsuit could be aquire due to safty issues or a lack of dicipline and undertanding for the job,this would also effect the heirachy above.

To conclude the information given about the positive and negative effects of discipline.We can see that discipline can work on a majority of people,summarizing the positive effect,discipline helps people understand the rules in a way that molds the discipline given into them so their is a less likely chance for it to happen again.This goes for all of the uniform public services,due to the unfortunate actions of others,it has helped to strengthen the disciplinary actions given.The accident in Afghanistan it had helped not only strengthen the army’s disciplinary action, but also they disciplinary action of armed uniformed services like counterterrorism or armed unit. This show disciplinary action can help all around the uniform services.There is a lot of strong evidence linking discipline to recruit dropout,giving the recorded evidence of 7-8 recruits for the amy dropping out due to disciplinary action being to mentaly and physically tough.There’s also evidence stating that due to the unknown backgrounds of the new recruits, many might not have the mentaly strong capabilities to be disciplined liking the lack of discipline back to their home and childhood.Also a lack of self discipline makes the recruit training more grueling linking mental pressure to drop out.This shows there should be a better way to give discipline to the mental or physically weak recruits.This goes for the same as all the other uniform units. Concluding all information given we can see that discipline works for the majority,but can still make the mentaly week fall behind the mentaly capable in disciplinary actions.

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