In terms of Tylenol Product Contamination case Study Essay


            Based in Tylenol Contamination Case, There have been long-term effects in the minds of people, specially, those families who have been victims of Tylenol terrorists. “People had to think twice about the purchase of consumer’s products after the poisoning that year, for those families who lost their loved ones, it may be their worst nightmare to forget. Furthermore, even though the new bill strengthened sentencing of product terrorist and the FDA required increased safety measures; there was still no guarantee that any product was 100 % safe.

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In terms of Tylenol Product Contamination case Study Essay
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People learned that they could no longer protect themselves completely from even the most harmless products.

And the effects of this crisis for Johnson & Johnson, “they needed to find the best way to deal with the crises, without destroying their reputation of company and most profitable product, Tylenol”. (The Tylenol Crisis Story). Johnson & Johnson also learned that it need to be more proactive and vigilant about product safety not only to restore the name of their company and uplift their reputation but also to gain back people’s trust and confidence of their product.

“After Tylenol related deaths, the FDA counted 270 incidents of suspected product tampering. Many marketing experts thought that Tylenol was doomed by doubts that the public may have had to whether or not the product was safe “(The Tylenol Crisis Story). This disaster in Johnson & Johnson History brought the consumers in hysteria and doubts for every product sold in the market. It must have been difficult for the Public, and people who have been affected of this nation scare, to forget and accept those sudden deaths that caused their loved ones to leave them suddenly.

Part II

Question:        Based on the short and long-term effects of the crisis, what could the company have done differently to either avoid or better manage the crisis?


            Based on the short and long-term effect of the crisis, the company must communicate to all types of media, a good technique to warning the public. Like what J&J did of advertising the pulling of their products out from the market or exchanging distributed bottles laced or without laced with cyanide, gave them a positive feedback. Each member should work as a team to immediately diffuse the crisis. Supporting each other will be a great tool to face challenge and to better manage the crisis. Leaders of the association must posses a quality of a true leader like, James E. Burke to effectively enforce authority to work together with in line mission.

Question: How can the company prevent this type of crisis from happening in the future?

            The company must be more vigilant and proactive in packaging their product. Though the Tylenol tampering case had not taken place at either of its plants, even though cyanide was available in the premises, the team in charge in supervising the area must be strict to implement the policies needed to ensure quality product.

Part III

Application of Peter Grazier Principles:

            Purpose, Challenge, Camaraderie, Responsibility, Growth, Leadership are the six principles in Peter Grazier’s Article. In building an association, company or business, one has a purpose, Grazier stated in His article; “Motivation was lacking when the team’s purpose was not in line with some of the members’ wants and needs”. As a team, it must be very important that their purpose or mission must aligned with the other members wants and needs to be more productive and effective in accomplishing their mission.

            The team must feel the Challenge of their task, together with a strong sense of Camaraderie. Supporting each other and working together as a team, would be a great help to perceive challenge as easy and require little energy to accomplish on something easily obtained. Another Principle in Grazier’s article is Responsibility and Growth. In order to be effective and highly motivated team, members of the organization must feel responsible for the outcome, it can be tricky, but a team with sense of responsibility grows and learns. “These people that moving forward, learning new concepts, adding to their skill base, and stretching their minds are improving their Growth “according to Grazier article.

            The most important principle of Grazier is Leadership. Johnson & Johnson have good leaders, because the fact that their decision of pulling their product off the market would cost millions of dollars to lose, but J&J understands the public hysteria and safety needs, so they recall all of the bottles from the lots that were laced with cyanide.

Two important Principles in Grazier’s Article

The two important principles from Grazier’s Article are Purpose and Leadership. During the disaster in Johnson & Johnson History, Chairman of the board, James E. Burke and other members, work together as a team not only to restore the name of their product, Tylenol and to uplift the reputation of their company but also to gain back public’s trust and confidence of their product.

“Domestic affiliates were asked to make presentations to people in the medical community. These presentations were made by the millions to promote support for the reintroduction Tylenol”.(Tylenol Crisis)

These principles reflect good concept for effective management because Johnson & Johnson successfully restore the Tylenol to its preeminent position, though it take time and money but according to James E. Burke, “they consider it as moral imperative, as well as good business.”

“Johnson & Johnson team is candid, contrite, and compassionate, committed to solving the murders and protecting the public”(Tylenol Crisis). The company has both strong sense of responsibility and authority, their public relation program did much to recover quickly from possibly greatest crisis to come.

Techniques used by Johnson & Johnson

The company, consider most the public safety, and restoring people from hysteria. Though may be tricky, but the company’s decision of recalling their product from the market and sending warning to health professionals, was made no hesitation. Another technique that helped J&J to recover quickly was company’s fully cooperation to all types of media, which was crucially important to warning the people from ensuing danger.

Those Techniques used by J&J, are consistent with the principles of Peter Grazier in His article “Team Motivation”. The company has good leaders and followers; its members are aligned with its purpose and work together as a highly motivated team that could stand over a long period of time. J&J painlessly recover and restore their reputation from the Tylenol crisis with the help of millions of domestic affiliates.


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