In current days intellectual property issue is one of the Essay

In current days intellectual property issue is one of the most debatable questions. Intellectual property is an outcome of a product which was constructed by brain activity. The laws of different countries guard the intellectual property of individuals , because governments understand how significant the impact of the intellectual property is in 21 century. Books, music, technological inventions are things to which we all are connected. In 21st century intellectual property is an important component in advancement of humanity and all spheres of lives, especially business.

Intellectual property rights are also vital in advancement of modern economy. In current days many people say that securing from detractors is one of the main principle of the government’s behavior ,but on the other hand it is also the obligation of inventors of the product. Intellectual property is not an easy topic to analyze. The economy and intellectual property connected . The another issue for consideration is that intellectual property have an influence on economics growth and advancement.

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In current days intellectual property issue is one of the Essay
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This essay will determine which country have a good protection of intellectual property and which countries are not really good at it and also this essay will determine the reasons. This essay is also focusing on figuring out the meaning of intellectual property.

Nowadays intellectual property is an important issue in business and society. Intellectual property is mainly connected with creativeness ,spheres like art ,music. As an example of that could be books, musical works, pictures and others. If a person has created something from mentioned above, like a book or a picture or anything which is connected with intellectual product that person can do whatever he/she wants to with created material .Foe example, he/she has an opportunity to sell or prohibit using of his/her product. It also can be said that intellectual property focuses on receiving a profit . A lot of famous people become famous ,wealthy because of the product of mental activity. It also are some people who are connected with art sphere or broadcasts or computer programs. It is true that this kind of inventions need to be protected, otherwise other people can easily steal things that have been invented by others. In 21st century protecting an intellectual property became very important . Some countries have a strict protection of intellectual property. According to the article, which was written by Ross Kelly (2019) the best countries for intellectual property protection are the USA ,the UK, Germany and the countries which have low system of intellectual property protection are Pakistan, Algeria and India. Countries which have weak protection system of intellectual property should improve their laws ,which will give an improvement in level of economy development. Intellectual property has a big influence on many economic and social aspects. In some foreign countries there are international agreements according to which intellectual property is being protected. Intellectual property can be protected by two ways. Intellectual property can be protected by government .The second way to protect intellectual property means that person has to protect the right by himself/herself. It was mentioned above that the USA has a powerful defense of intellectual property at state level . There are a lot of associations and organizations. For example , Intellectual Property Alliance or International Trademark Organization. This organizations are created especially for companies to protect their intellectual property. However many people consider that it is not only the responsibility of government but also personal responsibility. Person who has invented an intellectual product must be interested in protecting his/her product. Patents, copyrights ,trade secrets are also the ways to protect intellectual property. Person can use patent to be sure that nobody can sell the product he/she has created . A creator of music or book or videogame can also use copyrights as a way of protection. An inventor first of all should be interested in protecting the rights by himself/herself.

Taking into account another countries will help to identify and understand the importance of intellectual property nowadays. According to an interview where Vladimir Nikolayevich was asked ,it is said that Russia is one of the leading country and Russia is one of the best countries that has the best scientists, while the number of scientific production is low. It has been already mentioned that intellectual property is also connected with business and one of the aims of intellectual property is getting profit. China has the opposite situation ,it also has a lot of scientific productions ,but they are able to sell the production well. There are many reasons why Russia is unsuccessful in selling scientific production .One of them is the history events that patent system was destroyed. In this case the best solutions are creating good conditions and focus on the result of scientific product. Business and intellectual protection are connected. In business the production should have the creator and it should be registered. Also in business the product should be protected. It is obvious that a kind of protection depends on which product is it . It might be patents or others ways of protection. If a person has registered his/her product means that others can not copy idea of that person. In a business sphere government has laws and protection for creators of the intellectual property. In 21st century the issue of intellectual property is important because every year a lot of inventions are being created by many people in different spheres, for example scientific or creative . In order to protect the intellectual product many laws were invented. The word intellectual property becomes more popular ,more people are getting involved in this sphere ,more films, music are being invented .People are interested in protecting the creations of mental activity they have invented. People should also take into account the benefits , but also a risk that intellectual property has. If a person , mainly businessman uses intellectual property well it would help to increase sales, get more profit ,develop business and improve status in the modern market conditions. Intellectual property protection helps to save the products from unfair and unscrupulous businessmen . Intellectual property has a big role in entrepreneurial activity .

Intellectual property has an influence on society as well . Intellectual property should be based on the idea to improve social activity and development. Some people are convinced that intellectual property have no benefits for economy development, while the others say that intellectual property is the basis of development of many spheres. The first group of people think that intellectual property is not good for a society and it focuses more on individuals .On the other hand intellectual property can be used as an instrument for improving the level of society. Also the violence of intellectual property laws is harmful for the economy, business and society .There are a lot of funds that are made to develop society. According to the article which was written by Thomas J. Donohue everyone is interested in intellectual property , because that has an influence on our lives. It can also be mentioned that intellectual property improves the quality of production ,that is essential in modern market conditions. According to the article which was written by Thomas J. Donohue intellectual property has too big influence on our lives and that governmental sector is interested in intellectual property issues and problems, that everyone who is violating laws according to intellectual property rights will be punished. Also it was mentioned that problems with intellectual protection mean that there also will be problems with politics of the government . Understanding the fact that the development of government in social and economical way is depended on the intellectual property ,people also should be involved and interested in intellectual property issue .

Taking EU countries into account it can be said that these countries understand the importance of intellectual property and in order to become more innovative they have special systems. Taking Republic of Lithuania under consideration it should be said that this country has many enactments and principles that protect the intellectual property. It can be said that this country was always taking seriously the intellectual property issue. In Lithuania the intellectual property system is done in such a way that it stimulates people to create things that would be useful for a society . It can be said that this country is considering innovations and intellectual property as a common key aspects of government. Nowadays Republic of Lithuania has a system that protects the intellectual property and used in many types of business spheres. In Lithuania the government is focused on the increasing of interest of people .According to the article which was written by Kestutis Duoba and Vilmante Kumpikaite (2011) the government of Republic of Lithuania in order to improve their economic development focus on their workers in different spheres , such as technology sphere , economy sphere , biology sphere and others. The another task is to give appropriate intellectual property training . The main thing in intellectual property is paying attention to trademarks, patents and other ways of protection of intellectual property. In general European Union countries are taking intellectual property issue as a very important one. In official European Union site information about the advantage of having intellectual property protected have been found. Mainly it is advantages of using intellectual property protection in business. There are different ways of protecting the intellectual property. In overall, it can be said that European Union countries have a strong intellectual property protection. There are a lot of offices and organizations that protect the intellectual property. World Intellectual Property Organization is an organization which main task is to protect the rights of the inventors of intellectual property. According to World Intellectual Property Organization official site the organization is also focuses on developing of science ,technology and art. It can be said that this organization also collaborates with other organizations in order to increase the protection level of intellectual property. Year by year the countries which are in World Intellectual Property Organization regularly improve the system in order to develop more . European Union rights are mostly focus on the intellectual property and rights of sales sphere. Intellectual property in all countries is connected with trademarks, copyrights, patents and design protection. One of the main direction of the governments in the European Union countries is to focus on generating new ideas to improve social welfare . Intellectual property is a fundamental aspect in scientific and political ways. EU countries are considered to be one of the most developed countries in intellectual property. Also in the EU industrial property is an essential factor of development. Industrial property has a lot of different types . Industrial property is based on trade. Today intellectual property is the important issue in business and society. It used to be thought that intellectual property is connected only with innovation, but now people understand that that a lot of spheres are connected with intellectual property, not only information technology. Businessmen understand that their business is depended on the intellectual property. The government understand that the business is the of the main part of competitiveness at the global level. There are also judicial and non-judicial ways of punishing for violating intellectual property protection. The intellectual property refers to all people ,not only for people who are connected with business or innovation spheres. For example ,if a person wants to post a photo of someone , he should know the law, the rights and that he can not do that, because that is not allowed again by the intellectual property protection law. A music can be used only after the permission of author .Young generation is also influenced by that in 21st century. For students it is also very important in to write project works carefully , because using the information which is not there is also considered as a violating laws . If students copy something from the author , there should be references .Using someone’s intellectual property should be according to the laws ,after the permission of the author.

In Kazakhstan intellectual property is something that is new, but it is used very often nowadays. Intellectual property in Kazakhstan is one of the main direction of the country in order to develop the economy. In Kazakhstan there is a National Institute of Intellectual Property, which is specialized in patent system . In the law of Republic of Kazakhstan the result of intellectual property is explained, as well as the understanding of intellectual protection .Also it should be said that if a person want to protect his/her creation he or she should have the registration to be done.

In conclusion it can be said that intellectual property is an important issue today. Intellectual property the important factor in advancement of financial system of government and people. Intellectual property is influencing a business a lot. I think that the countries which do not have a strict form of protection the intellectual property should take under review the methods that are being taken by other countries where the question of protecting the intellectual property is being taken more strictly but the intellectual property is not only the responsibility of government , but it also the obligation of people who have invented the product. From one hand intellectual property makes our lives easier, from another hand there is a probability of hazardous aspects and the law of different government should protect intellectual property more seriously. Many ways of protecting the intellectual property can be found ,but only the inventor decides how his or her product of mental activity should be taken under protection. In this essay many countries were considered like the USA , the countries from the European Union, Russia ,China. It can be said that countries ,like the USA , the countries from the European Union, Russia ,China taking the matter connected with intellectual property seriously, because the government of that countries consider the intellectual property as a major product influencing on economy and other financial and business aspects of the country . A businessman in modern conditions must understand the ways to protect the inventions. like the USA , the countries from the European Union, Russia ,China. In modern world we all are connected with intellectual property . As it had been already mentioned in the article students should also take into account such thing as a plagiarism in writing their essays, doing some project works. Students should understand that when they are writing their essays they cannot copy the words of someone else without using the references. It is prohibited to use the words of other person without references. That is also refers to music, films and other inventions. So we can make a conclusion out of this that without intellectual property protection someone can use the invention of other person incorrectly or the invention can be stolen or used in prohibited purposes. To sum up everything, in 21st century intellectual property is an important issue because everyone is being influenced by that. Everything is connected with intellectual property : innovations, business, society , economy of the country. Although that some countries have laws for intellectual property protection it is also the responsibility of the owner to be concerned and take some protective measures. The government of countries are also interested in this issue because each government want to improve their level of competitiveness and be economical strong . A number of lawyers that are specialized in intellectual property is increasing because intellectual property issue becomes more and more essential nowadays.

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