Important Notes Regarding Student Conduct

Each part of this assignment is an individual assignment. All submissions are required

to be your own words and calculations. While it is recognized that students may discuss

concepts and ideas each student is required to construct their own response. In the event

that the responses prepared by individual students appear to be the same or highly similar

the instructor will consider referring the students to the Faculty of Management

Academic Integrity Committee for consideration.


  • Plagiarism refers to the practice of presenting the words of another author (it may

be a text writer or another student) as your own.  This is not permitted.  At times

you will be asked to learn about and discuss the views or theories of others.  This

should be done with appropriate acknowledgement of source materials.  In other

words, you must reference your work.  Acknowledge your sources – both direct

and indirect quotes – with in-text citations.  Refer to the Referencing section

contained below for further information.

Academic Conduct Violations

  • Any violation of the rules of Academic Conduct as described above will result in

the immediate confiscation of all related materials of all parties involved. In

addition, all parties will be immediately reported to the Faculty of Management

Academic Misconduct Committee for consideration of further actions including

(but not limited to) receiving a zero for the submission, a failure in the course and

the possibility of suspension or expulsion.


Faculty of Management (Business) requires the APA style of referencing for academic papers.

Resources for using APA are available from the VIU Writing Centre (Library, Room 474). You can

find their hours of operation and access to online student resources (including tutorials and a

printable Quick Guide) at:”

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