Important attributes needed for a good leader Essay

Leadership is an attribute, it’s hard to define and there’s tons of different definition for just the word “leadership.” There aren’t clear definition about leadership but I will do give some definition of leadership and the attribute found in the leader in leading itself. Leadership does not equal to leader because there are also leader without of leadership but of course those leader are being categorize failure. Having a leadership does not mean you’re being a good leader too you may have the basic attribute but it may not be good.

Basically leadership is people who are able to influence other people o attain an aim to the goal. It may not be the one who set the pathway but being a leader with leadership will allow you to influence other to achieve the goal set fast and also effectively.

The simples definition of explaining leadership is that leadership is the art of motivates a group of persons to act toward achieve a common goal.

In more simply way to define, the leaders is the inspiration and also a director of the decision making. A leader weather he or she is the person in a group that making decision and combination of personalities and skills that makes others person to follow their direction. In business situation, leadership is also combining to performance. Effective leaders are those who increases their company’s’ bottom lines. To further explain the issue, we tend to use the term “leadership” and “management” changeably, refers to a company’s management structure as its leadership, or to individual who are actually manager as the “leaders” of different management teams, it is not say that this is not good, it just point out that leader has to involve more. To be an effective and a good leader, a leader sometimes has to manage the resources at his or her disposal. But leadership also involves in communicate with people, inspire their members and supervising their workers. Three more of the main skills as a leader have to have to become successful leader it is nature born or we have to make effort to be a leader? While there are some people who seem like naturally endowed with more leadership ability than other people, but I think that people can learn to become a good and efficient leaders by concentrate to improve in particular leadership skills.

Few example of position that needs leadership are manager, chairperson, coach and so forth. However people in position that are labeled managerial or supervisor have more opportunities t exert leadership. Leadership behavior is expected more frequently from supervisors and manager than from other types of employees. Such expectations often profoundly affect the behavior of both those who hold leadership positions and those around them. People act as leaders for many reasons and their effort are not necessarily aimed solely at the attainment of a group’s organization’s goal. So leader motives can be directed as multiple objectives, including their own objectives, instead or the organizations. A simple explanation of what leader to us is as an influence that assists a group or an organization to meet them own goal, objective and perform success. This implies that effective leadership is enabling behavior that is to help other accomplish something more than they can and also aid them in their work be the sole motivation of the procedure. Leader will need to monitor their subordinates too such as making sure they are on the right path to finish their job or giving the motivation so they can move on fast and be more efficient.

There are some attribute that leader should have and it will be a goal for them and that is trustworthy, encouraging, honest, decisive, communicative, and also dependent. The next attribute that manager should not have is non irritable, ruthless, egocentric and asocial. These are the examples of leader attributes view as positive or negative depending on culture are ambitious, individualistic, cautious, class conscious and evasive. But in different culture it may be different for example individualistic is good as in when you’re working in United State of America but not when you’re working in Japan. There are a few lists to roughly define as good leaders that are a leader plans, the main job of leadership is being prepare rather than waiting. Sometime leaders will make crises, but that does not mean leader will sit around and let the crises develop. A good Leader will involves through identify the problems and solve them before they reach the crisis proportion and leader should have the ability to identify and reap potential windfall. So a good leader should analyzes and plan and adapt his plan to new circumstance and opportunity. Next a good and efficient leader should have his vision. A vision is essential to good leadership. A vision can provides direction for them to move on if without vision and direction, the business may don’t know the way should move on. So if you don’t have one vision for your business, take your first step towards leadership by creating a Vision Statement for your business. Because it embodies your dreams and passion, a vision statement will also serve as a leadership vision. Responsibilities are important tool for a business. A leader will take charge at this stage by using their leadership, and put the leadership vision and planning together to implementing a specific plan to help to improve the business’s bottom line or make responses to the crisis. As a leader is the person who makes the decision or see that the appropriate actions are carried out. A leader had needed to act and to be seen as taking effective action for the best of your business. Last explanation is the motivation and inspiration from leaders. This is because a leader inspires through example, if I asked you, you could easily name three people whose have the leadership qualities to inspire you. If I asked you why, you’d tell me about the things these inspiring people did or are doing. Leadership is defined through action. Therefore, in developing your own leadership skills, you have to show in ways that are fit to your leadership, vision and yourself all the time. We can all name many actions of other people whom we have admire, but what that inspire us is the integrity that give these actions meaning. Becoming a leader is not easy because it takes a conscious commitment and consistent effort to develop one’s leadership skills. But on the positive side, a person would like to become a good leader has to make effort to it and as a good leader is critical to business success, your efforts to improve your leadership skills will be amply rewarded. By working on these five keys of leadership, you can become a successful leader in your business needs and run it efficiently.

With these attribute and example there are a few different type of leadership, first it will be the organizational leadership that means it is an interpersonal process that involves attempts to influence other person in an organization goals. Secondly, it will be the effective leadership who influence that assists a group or organization to perform successful and meet their goals and objectives. Thirdly it’s the rarest and most unique type of leadership whose born with and hardly can be found, that is charismatic leader it is a leadership by someone who has influence over others based on individual inspiration qualities rather than formal power. Fourthly there is transformational leadership, it’s a leadership that motivates follower to ignore self interests and work for the larger good of the organization to achieve significant accomplishments, emphasis is on articulating vision that will convince subordinates to make major changes. Next it will be transactional leadership, it is a type of leadership that focus on motivating follower’s self interests by exchanging rewards for their compliance. Emphasis is on having subordinates implement procedures correctly and make needed, but relatively routine, changes.

Leadership comes in many forms from different perspective from different people who shares different thinking. But majority do still share the same concept. Leadership come in a form that is trainable, charismatic will be hard but nothing is impossible. It is always good for a leader who is trained from the scratch because it will make them more experience and durable in case there will be any harsh or tough battle they may face. Leader are the one who taking the lead and will be the one who will help its subordinate and managing their work inspire them and keep them motivated with their top form and not giving out easily. Leader play a great role in task managing, a great leader will have the job done fast and efficient producing great and awesome result. Where as bad leader will produce job that’s in contrast from great leader causing it to be crappy and un reliable. Leadership come in a very great role is everything, for example a great teacher or lecturer will produce great student its alike to the job that is done by great leader. Which it will highly affect the outcome of everything. With a great leader the employee will also give them respect doing work with their heart rather than just gaining the pay check for every month. If a leader isn’t respected the employee wouldn’t abide their rule and would now fully taking the order. So I would like to conclude that leadership plays a big role in business and it will make a great difference.

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