Importance of Public Information Essay

I would like to agree with Ms. Smith that without communication, there is no relationship. Without

respect there is no love. Without trust there is no reason to continue.

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Importance of Public Information Essay
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Similar to my topic, in handling media inquiries we need to have strong relationships towards the

society. Patience, hard work and determination are most relevant traits to possess.

It is even more riskier than any other jobs. Why?

Can you imagine handling a case during a typhoon, earthquake, tsunami and most common in a crime

scene? I salute to those media reporters doing there job right.

For me, it is also our duty to respond the

queries immediately.

The information they gather may somehow useful to everybody. Learn to give facts rather than the false


Doing the right thing is important most especially when you are being interviewed in a public.

Use the rules to manage the conversation to minimize damage and maximize the benefits.

We must be careful of what we are going to say because somehow anything we say might be used

against us.

Let us all remember that the truth will set us free. As I have mentioned above the key to security is thru

public information but not all the time. We must have the limitations. Don’t say anything you don’t want

to be published. Let us stay focus, professional and be factual. Always remember that handling this kind

of inquiry has the possible way of recording as their proof or tool to be published. It is important to

gather data and make some notes for the specific scenario.

As I have observed handling media inquiries is relevant in business setting because there is also a chance

to grab the attention of potential customers. The sales will increase if there is a brand visibility. This

could also improve how the business is seen by your audience. For me, lucky for those who are chosen

to be interviewed because it much lesser cost compared to paying the traditional way of advertising a

product. If for example, those who are selling online may increase their online conversations which will

generate sales and leads.

It helps also to evaluate many sales generated from a social media. Another thing, which is based on my

experience that I can interact with my customer and improve my service thru responding their queries

immediately. Lastly, by means of media I can create or build relationships with the customer and thru

this can help increase loyalty and advocacy. That would be all. I hope you find it relevant. Thank you for

listening my speech.

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