Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen

Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen

Prepare: View the Globalization: What is Happening to Us (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.? video and read the article A Model of Global Citizenship: Antecedents and OutcomesPreview the documentView in a new window by Stephen Reysen and Iva Katzarska-Miller (2013). Go to the Ashford Library and locate one additional source on global citizenship that will help support your viewpoint.

Reflect: Please take some time to reflect on how the concept of global citizenship has shaped your identity, and think about how being a global citizen has made you a better person in your community

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Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen
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Write: Use the Week One Assignment Template when addressing the following prompts:

  • After viewing the video, describe how being a global citizen in the world of advanced technology can be beneficial to your success in meeting your personal, academic, and professional goals.
  • After reading the article by Reysen and Katzarska-Miller, explain why there has been disagreement between theorists about the definition of global citizenship and develop your own definition of global citizenship.
  • From the article, choose two of the six outcomes of global citizenship (i.e., intergroup empathy, valuing diversity, social justice, environmental sustainability, intergroup helping, and the level of responsibility to act for the betterment of this world) as stated in the article, and explain why those two are the most important in becoming a global citizen compared to the others.
  • Describe at least two personal examples or events in your life that illustrate the development of global citizenship based on the two outcomes you chose.
  • Identify two specific general education courses, and explain how they each influenced you to become a global citizen.

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Benefits of global citizenship

The benefits of global citizenship with advanced technology, in meeting my personal, academic and professional goals numerous. To begin with, going global means I have a diverse network for myself. This allows me to be open-minded and have a mindset that is accommodative. The fact that the technology is present means I have “internet access which gives me the power of social interaction” (Falk, 1993). Academically, I can access learning materials from several different platforms. I, therefore, will be able to share my opinion as well as get other people’s on the same subject matter. At a personal level, my social skills and space will both grow as I can make friends from all over the world with just a click of a button. The height of the benefits features in my professional goals. The whole interaction and knowledge I gain from the internet will help me be smatter, know of opportunities that I fit in that are not in my country and be employed or even learn how to have my startup that will be solving problems globally and at the same time, help me earn a living. The power of technology with one being a global citizen should never be underestimated.

Disagreement between theorists

There has been a disagreement between theorists about the definitions of global citizenship. Katzaarska and Reysen (2013) define it as “awareness caring, and embracing cultural diversity while promoting social justice and sustainability.” This is attributed to the fact that some see it as the act of embracing diversity with care while others see it to be more of knowledge and networking on a global scale (Stephen, 2013). Many more types of research that have been carried out by the theorists continue to make the definition of global citizenship broad and wide or narrow. The theorists believe that global citizen is also about the normative environment and it’s (the environment) sustainability. All their opinions count and have indeed been the ones that have informed me of what the global citizenship can be. The theorist’s views shaped my perspective of the world citizen’s nature. That is why after much consideration, I believe a proper definition of what global citizenship consolidates all the theorist’s aspects and mine to let global citizenship be defined as ‘this is choosing to see oneself as a part of the global community where am concerned with the practices and set norms around the globe while at the same time appreciate everyone’s diversity’ (Stephen, 2013).

Outcomes of global citizenship

The most important outcomes of becoming a global citizen are valuing diversity and the level of responsibility to act for the betterment of this world. This is supported by the numerous and also significant results the two outcome yield (Stephen, 2013). Not leaving out the impact these outcomes have is essential while pointing them out (Tarrant, 2010).  For instance, my two personal examples of how these two outcomes have aided in the development of global citizenship are: I have a great deal of respect for other human beings culture and belief that usually contribute extensively to their diversity as human beings. I, therefore, do not go around admonishing what I think is best for them. For this reason, I can form and maintain friendships with people from all ends of the globe. Some of these people have been significant in shaping my worldview besides redefining my purpose here on earth. It is through the interactions we had and continues to have via online interaction platforms such as Facebook that I realized just about how much of a humanitarian I am. This further developed and climaxed to the point where I was able to be part of the youth team that organized and saw the youths not left behind in global discussions during the World Humanitarian Summits in Qatar and Turkey. My second event that is attributed to the level of responsibility I have towards making this world a better place is best seen in the commitments I have which make me travel the world and attend the international summits (whenever possible) and or make my contributions online so as to make my voice as a youth be heard.

Educational courses

The two educational courses that influenced my decision to become a global citizen are the fundamental literacy course I went through to make me able to read and write besides knowing how to communicate in a language that is known and used around the globe. The second course is the leadership seminars I have continuously attended in and off the campus. These trainings have in a very big way increased and opened up my worldview to not only know but also believe that when am together with others we can move together to make a joint action that will impact the world positively.


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