Immigration Reform

Essay # 3 Guidelines

In this essay, you are taking a position (on the controversial issue you discussed in Essay # 2) and defending your position with an extended argument. To do this you will need to:

  • State your position clearly
  • Give arguments that support your position
  • Counter opposing arguments
  • Use valid reasoning to convince the reader that your position is right


The essay will have:

  • A title
  • A brief statement of the issue(you can use what you have given in essay # 2)
  • Some background information to give context(you can use what you have given in essay # 2)
  • Your position on the issue
  • Your arguments and counterarguments that support and defend your position
  • References to sources—you will already have thefour sources—two for each side from essay # 2. You may choose to add new sources particularly if your topic requires it. For example, you are discussing a case and arguments are made in the Supreme Court, then you will want to include this.
  • A reference list of the sources you cited


When writing the paper, you will be using a lot of essay # 2 and this is permitted. However, essay # 3 should not be a mere restatement of essay # 2. It should be a convincing paper that supports and defends your position. This will require thinking and sound argumentation. Be sure to avoid the fallacies that you have learned, and to investigate the facts you incorporate, particularly when opposing sides use the same facts to make opposite claims, or make opposing claims about the same facts.




Peer Review– 800 words

Final Draft– 1000 words minimum (3-4 pages)

One inch margin, left side justified, double-spaced, 12 point font, APA format


All of what you turn in should be your own work, written specifically for this assignment. I want to see your analysis in your own words. If you include any material that comes from your sources, put it in quotes and cite the source. Don’t cut and paste from the web. If you copy anything without acknowledging it, or turn in a paper that has been turned in elsewhere, you will fail the course.


Essay # 3 Key dates

Peer Review __________(note a peer review must be done or it will affect the final essay grade)

Final draft ____________(due on Canvas and Hardcopy in class)

When submitting the hardcopy, please also submit the peer review draft.


Guidelines to a good paper:

  • At the start of the paper clearly state the issue being discussed and give required background information.
  • Make your position on the issue clear.
  • Support your claim/position.
  • Deal with one point/argument at a time.
  • Develop each point/argument thoroughly.
  • Be sure to discuss and counter opposing arguments. (One way you could counter is by pointing out the fallacies and weaknesses in the opposing arguments)
  • Keep your paper focused—everything should be relevant to the issue being discussed.
  • Avoid repeating.(Good organization will help to avoid repetition).

When writing this paper, imagine that you are a lawyer and argue for one side of the issue.



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